Monday, April 6, 2009

Plaza Mount Kiara

Went to Plaza Mount Kiara to settle the camera issue, but office not yet open.. TT
去到Mount Kiara Plaza想处理相机,但却没开门。。。

So we went around and have a look. We found that this place is full of Korean!
没关系吧。到处看看、走走。 发现这里很多韩国人哦!

Love this snap! Did you feel the enjoyment and happiness among them? Wish i am one of them!

Haha... cute one!

Thirsty, take a break and drink some 'natural sky juice'! @_@"

In Mac-Donald, found this kids, seems very close are they couple or just brother & sister? Can feel the love~

Nothing to do. haha~
无聊没事做。 哈哈~

With Love,
elims chuang 光宏

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