Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mask Party - Reveal!

Hainan Association of Kuala Lumpur & Selangor (Thean Hou Temple) Professional and Entrepreneur Youth Division will organize 2nd PRO Night on 14th April 2011 (Thursday), 6:30pm to 11:00pm at grand ball room, Thean Hou Temple, Kuala Lumpur.

The theme of the year is “Mask – The Reveal”, this is the first of its kind for an innovative masquerade ball party organized by a Clan Association / NGO for social and business networking to gather along especially Hainanese members, entrepreneur and guests.

The objective of the masquerade ball is to provide mystery and networking in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. The event will starts at 6.30pm with cocktail networking session, follow by international buffet, a lot networking games, waltz dance and lucky draw will be presented during the event. A unique compliment and mystery mask will be provided to all participants. The mask is the single, most important piece of accessory that attendees can and will never misses during the event.

This annual event is open to public, regardless of your age group and occupation. We are targeting 400 guests attend this event. Business / formal attire is encouraged during this event. Ticket is sold at RM 100.00/ticket. Any interested party or enquiries on this event can contact Mr. Steve Chow at 03-22747088 or Mr. KH Chuang at 017-731 9899.

click here for Chinese version.


为凝聚马来西亚专业人士的网络,雪隆海南会馆青年团大专与专业组续2009年成功举办〈海南专之夜〉后,再次于今年14/04/2011(星期四)6PM在天后宫礼堂,带来另一场晚宴 - 〈金蝉脱壳〉面具晚会。



筹委会希望通过此盛会,能达目标400人报名。任何询问,请联络活动部主任曹志强03-2274 7088或筹委会主席庄光宏017-731 9899

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

没有季节的水蓊 About Water Apple



你看她同个时间内竟然可以有花柳,开花,结果,成熟...(click to enlarge)


1. 开好多花,也不需一直给肥料. 自从上几个月给了一些肥料,她都靠自己'玩食'.

2. 蜜蜂也能从中收益. Win-Win ^^

3. 花开不久后,就可以看到未成年的果实了...

4. 现在的小鸟一定生活不简单,毕竟森林越来越少,屋子越来越多. 包水蓊的报纸只要露出一点点洞口,都逃不过它们尖锐的眼睛...

好吧,干脆‘脱光光’给你们吃个痛快! 哈哈~

反正我们也有得吃,或许是你们吃了树里的虫儿,我们才有这些甜美的水蓊吃呢~ 谢谢你们


elims Chuang 光宏

Monday, March 28, 2011

Worrying Malaysian Chinese Population

Today read an article showing some worried figures.

% of Malaysian Chinese in total population
Year Percent
1957 45.0+
1970 35.6
1980 32.1
1991 26.9
2000 24.5
2010 22.6 *
2035 18.6 **

Numbers of Chinese in Malaysia
Year Chinese (million) Total population (million)
1970 3.6 10.5
1980 4.4 13.7
1991 4.9 18.4
2000 5.7 23.3
2010 6.5 28.9 *
2035 7.7 41.1 **

* Projection by Department of Statistics.
** Projection in The Population of Malaysia (ISEAS)


We know that the productivity of Chinese is very low compared with other races.

"We want quality, not quantity." That is the mindset we have, and we seems proud of it.

When election comes, we start thinking for the imbalance...

When thinking of Malaysian future, we start worrying for ourself, our next generation.

We can already see the consequences of a certain race conquering a sector, especially the policy maker lineup.

Who can be truly fair to think for other colour skin that differ from themself? Even I admit myself not able to be 100% fair.

Who willing to give up their own privileged without any condition? Especially when you're known as the 'Prince of the Land'?

Do you still count on Malaysia? For your next generation also?

How many kids you want for your generation? 2? 3? 4? or more?

What you will do for a betterment of Malaysia? Could you please share your thought?

Photo taken from malaysiacity

Everything starts with yourself. I shall continue enhance my skill in varies areas, to ensure the survivability in whatsoever conditions that face in coming days.

Sincerely wish the world will get better, and more people could live happier. If not in reality, be in mentality.

Hope for the best!

With Love,
elims Chuang

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mask Party a.k.a 面具晚会

Dear friends & suukee,

KL & Selangor Hainanese Association is organising it's annual Professional & Business Networking Nite as follows:

Venue : Thean Hou Temple Main Hall 雪隆天后宫礼堂
Date: 14 April 2011 (Thursday) 6.30pm onwards
Organiser: KL & Selangor Hainan Youth - Professional & Entrepreneur Division 雪隆隆海南会馆青年团-大专与专业组

The theme of the year is "Mask Party - Reveal!(面具晚会-金蝉脱壳!)" A complimentary mask will be provided upon check-in at the registration counter.

We are targeting
400 professionals & entrepreneurs (open to non-Hainanese as well) to join this event, grasps your opportunity for this annual business networking session.

Meals will be served in international buffet style, with networking games & networking session along the event. Lucky draw with attractive prizes are awaits you too! Events to be conducted in English & Mandarin.

Ticket at
RM 100/person, please do not hesitate to contact me for more info and reservation.

Click here for : Official Facebook Page

Thanks and best regards,

Chuang Kuang Hong
Professional & Entrepreneur Team
Youth Division
The Selangor & KL Hainan Association



Q: What so special about this event?
A: The organiser is localise Chinese association - Hainan (地缘性-海南) that usually focuses on upholding culture activities. This unique & innovative program is actually a kind of breakthrough, providing an alternate platform in relevance of today's development & people needs. You're going to witness & experience something extraordinary! Be ready! ^^

Q: What is the purpose of this event?
A: Networking, gathering, and have fun!

Q: Is it open to all?
A: Yes.

Q: What is the 'Mask' in this event?
A: The previous Hainan Pro Night 2 years ago entitled "Change!". This year, the new theme - "Mask Party - Reveal!" is presenting the association of mask in our life, and have fun via activities and games.

Q: Why i need to attend?
A: The integration among 400 people comprise varies societies, communities, professionals, entrepreneurs, businessmen via interesting & interactive games make this event even more fruitful and meaningful!

Q: Does age matter?
A: This event aims to gather & connect the people!
Age doesn't matter.

Q: The programmes seems too young for me to take part?
A: "You just don't heal that easy unless you're young." (Sugar Ray Leonard).
We do know that young is about attitude and mindset. Think young, be young, you're going to enjoy throughout the event!

Q: What to wear?
A: Since this event holds on Thursday (14.4.2011), dress code of business attire, formal or smart casual are advisable.

Q: Need to bring partner?
A: There is no restriction to bring anyone you wish to.

Q: Don't wear mask can?
A: We do appreciate if you could follow our tentative programme as the theme is "Mask Party-Reveal". No worry as time for you to reveal yourself and mix around will be allocated.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Super Pororo Play Mat

We have been surveying this Pororo Mat for some time.

We love it at the first sight when discovered it was so soft and felt so comfortable & nice when stepping or lying on it.

But it seems too expensive for us as it cost RM 500/mat (Medium size).

We went Mama & Baby fair at Midvalley last Saturday and found the price was discounted at RM 399/mat.

Without any hesitation we bought it. Yeah yeah~ =)

You can see the build structure of the map surface is unique. (click the photo to enlarge)

It could actually absorb high impact. You can punch how hard but you won't feel any pain. That is why it's good for baby.

Moreover, it's easy to clean. No need to (dry) wash nor put under sun. haha~

You wont feel too cold like you walk on the floor, and you wont feel hot either when you sleeping on it.

Eventually this mat has become our family members' habitat... haha!

How good if i can become the salesman for this mat~ TT

With Love,
elims Chuang

Thursday, March 24, 2011

水蓊成熟了 Water Apple is Ready to eat


爸爸三年前在家门前的空地上种了一棵果树-水蓊, Water Apple, Syzygium samarangense.

水蓊的品种是黑珍珠. 市场卖得很贵哦,约RM7/kg!!


一度让我们以为是'公'的她终于在三个月前开花了... 真是虚惊一场~ 哈哈!

其实是我弟弟(光远)遇上一个贵人指点, 送了两包肥料,他说:"试试看..."

哗,果然不出所料... 遇上高人真的不一样!





5 星期前

4 星期前


果实:很香很甜! 太幸福了~~



希望你再接再厉,来个'子孙满堂' ~


elims Chuang 光宏

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

培养孩子的爱心 Cultivating love



隔壁有只狗名叫Happy~ 其实她是一只混有名种血统的狗,没错的话母亲是 rock willer 品种.




Bobo没有happy那么友善,不太善于和人类打交道... .

所以每次只好眼睁睁的在旁看,没得吃~ 世界就是这么不公平的~


这可是我喜欢吃的小鱼饼干哦~ 来,分享分享~

嗅上去还不错的~ 让我尝尝...


果然好料... 还有吗?


放心,你有什么事,找我. 我一定助你[一臂之力]! ^^




我想我们应该on the right track 吧~

elims Chuang 光宏

Monday, March 21, 2011

Playing Scrabble (Sahibba in Malay)

Is actually a game we played when we were kid, more than 15 years ago. (wow, so old already me...sigh...)

A simple and nice game, not only we have to know lot vocabulary, the strategy & skills also required in order for you to score high mark!

Every person will get 8 alphabets, the 1st person that start the game will have 9 alphabets.

Since all family members, we take it as friendly match, no time limit.

That why we only managed to complete after played for 3 hours... zZZzzz

Very fun, just like it so much~

The score board, showing who pro and who noob. :p

Feeling relief after the game.

This game will make you 'T.L.' if people block your way, or when you become blank out of sudden...haha!

And most interestingly, you will find yourself so shallow, reading too less and start regretting for being hard-playing-enjoying-sleeping last time.. haha!

But we discover the mobile phone - dictionary's function are extremely useful in this game. The actual competition sure wont be allowed.

Anyway, is a good game that put us together instead of playing mahjong or poker! wakkakaka....

Oops~ I find myself got hungry during the game, must had consumed lot of my brain energies... haha!

Hopefully i am not getting fat & fat because of play too hard and too much scrabble... XD

You want to challenge?!

With Love,
elims Chuang 光宏

Thursday, March 17, 2011








'妈..可以吃了吗? 我不tahan了....'

'哇... 比外面卖的更好吃! 太棒了太棒了!'

Secret Recipe:p






elims Chuang 光宏
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