Tuesday, December 22, 2009



谢谢大家给予的鼓励及关怀,小弟及小孩还有家里小女人都还好的~ 哈哈~



一口气吃了3大碗!! 非常非常好吃,超爱吃的...




毕竟,马来西亚都没有春夏秋冬的... 哈哈~

来看一下,流口水一下.. 嘻嘻..


elims Chuang 光宏

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Leave It

Where did the year 2009 go? It was coming to an end soon & have you guys got you wanted to do in the first place. if not, why not? what is holding you guys back?

I wish to paraphrase some message i read about in MensHealth magazine. It was from my editor & I wish to share it with my fellow friends.

Its something about personal growth. how many of you thinks that 'we need to constantly remind ourselves of our mistake so that we wont repeat them?

Well, maybe you are right. but arent you tired? sometimes I am tired from carrying all the weight around. so may i suggest that coming this year end, make it a mission, once the clock struck midnight, say goodbye to all the accumulated thrash of the year and become free from the feeling of letting go.

Leave it, and start the new year with wide-eyed optismism and wonder - the kind of small kids have when they walk into the toys department in Jusco. Or Parkson.

Lets not tarnish out New Year with our hiccups and let-downs. Who knows. We may even be more successful in our future endeavors without constantly tripping over our past rubbish.

To start off on the right foot, let us all begins to appreciate what is in front of our eye, forgive the small stuff that been bugging your mind, forget that friends of your who accidently hurt your feelings. Start in a ever long journey of self improvement.

As for me, I think i going to do just right that. So, I wish you people all the best and may you realised your 2009 resolution in this 3 weeks in order to focus on some new task on hand - next year.

Good bye 2009 and Welcome 2010.
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