Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kepong Brem Mall - Wong Kok, 甲洞旺角茶餐厅

Located in Kepong Brem Mall, new shopping complex, Giant will start their business in coming March 2009. Get more information here.
The Map of Brem Mall, next to Crystal Crown Hotel.

Since taking leave, nothing to do, go jalan-jalan cari makan lor..

Selected this restaurant, 甲洞旺角茶餐厅,consider they are lucky..haha..

>>>Click photos to enlarge<<<
Front view


The Menu book.

The list of food(1)

The list of food(2)

So excited...lolx..

莲香红豆霜, Lotus Red Bean Ice Blended
RM 8.20
Delicious: 8/10

莎莎酱面包条,Salsa Sauce Bread Stick
RM 3.80
Delicious: 6/10
Comment: Not so special and not worth it

法兰西多士, French Toast
RM: 4.50
Delicious: 8.5/10
Comment: Recommended.

果汁烟肉卷, Meat Roll
RM 10.20
Delicious: 9.5/10
Comment: Tasty, 爽口,香!

Can you feel...

Got no time to chat...


Service: 8/10
Delicious: 8/10
Cleanliness: 9/10 (sure la..still new ma)
Serving Speed: 8/10 (maybe not so many at this moment)
Price: 6/10 (not cheap, prepare more notes..haha..)


With Love,
elims Chuang

Wednesday, February 25, 2009









Monday, February 23, 2009

Coming up, Kuala Kubu Trip, Join us?

Anyone out there wish to join us? 自费,不须填报名表格的。。哈哈。。

Date: 28/2/09 (Saturday)
Time depart: 6:30 am
Estimate time arrive: 8:00 am
Estimate time back: 3:00 pm

Payment: By your own, no specific organizer.haha..
Transport: By your own, contact me if you need assistance. We got quite number of driverss.haha.

Any condition: ONLY for boy and girl!!?? 要不然?
Objective: Eat, Drink, Play, Happy 轻松就好~
Activities: Waterfall Chilling, Jungle Tracking, Perhaps some specially on-the-spot-designed games..haha.. 看有没有灵感咯,嘿嘿!

Here is some blog writting about their experience about Kuala Kubu Trip, have a look:
1. Life of Raymond
2. Addin-Dexire
3. Oxygen Avenue
4. All the world's a stage

Hopefully we can meet sexy girlss there... @_@"

If you interested, contact me ya。

With Love,
elims Chuang

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Once enter there is no turning back....

Hi people !!

Lets check something out. (pic can be right click --> open link in new tab for bigger view)

no. thats not me - and dont focus on the most top line

All I want to say is in this March issue.....

thats me !! Number 2 in this page. Well there are total of 20 friends but I am only scanning this page

I want to thanks Men's Health for giving me chance to join this program. Emm, I am not pointing any fingers, just want to highlight to my readers that....

I AM NOT 33 YEARS OLD !! for some marketing reason(I guess) they decided to add 9 years to my age. actually its printing error.

and 1 more thing - the comment was not mine. My comment actually when to the wrong Nicholas (just beside me)

well.... - no one say printing is 100% perfect

Today module is meet & greet and fitness accessment. Oh my god, its embarressing that the result is a bit disappointing to me

a bit and pieces here and there, and total body % of 24% i have a lot to catch up!!

the normal healthy human body fat should be less than 20%. well well well....

anyway today is a tiring day - u are require to rotate of 5 stations and there is a time going to see how (supposingly) good are you in fitness hahahaha

lunch was sponsored by Sakae Sushi and drinks were sponsors by Tropicana or Tropikana Twisters ( sorry if i got it wrong !)

Well, the venue is held in Bangsar Villiage 2 Celebrity Fitness. They provide us with a 6 month passport and as well as a good gym bag, but to me its too small hahahah

Next module will be Nutrition - well, see you all again soon

Hope I can see less body fat in myself and ....more goodies? HEHEHE

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Something interesting...

Dear readers,

Its been a while this blog is updated. But dont worry - interesting update coming soon. Stay tuned in this columm.

It shall be up in few days.

Monday, February 9, 2009

CNY scedule

Its almost come to the end of the 2009 CNY celebration.

Here were some brief activities that i've gone through this few weeks.

17/1/09 (Saturday) - After the CNY Gathering at New Paris, we continued having fun at pub (forget what name of that pub liao.. TT) Here are some are the photos.

>>> To see bigger and clearer photos, please click to enlarge<<<

Top from left: 黄汉勤,李夏震,宗煌
Down from left: 方宗良,黄培欢,刘丽旋

Yeah, sponsored by our Boss, Mr. Liew 刘德华 (Standing 4th from left)。

22/1/09 (Thursday) - My dear's boss from hongkong, Mr. Ricky came to Malaysia. Announcing her company would shut down after April. 可以准备收工咯。。哈哈~~

Eat at JinJang YaLong 亚龙餐馆。(伟良-后右)

Good Luck Mr. Ricky.

24/1/09 (Saturday) - Gathering with SiawLing's Family at Kofuku at Seri Pacific Hotel next to PWTC, KL.

Variety of Food.

The Manager of Kofuku, friendly, negotiable and steady, Zul.

25/1/09 (Sunday) - 30th Night, 三十晚, dinner gathering for all family members at Buloh Kasap, Segamat.


庄辉源(左), 庄芷心(右)

26/1/09 (Monday) - 1st day, 初一, Gathering at Segamat Baru.

27/1/09 (Tuesday) - 初二, 昔华校友会联合总会大团拜, gathering for old frens before ...

keep on eat eat and eat...

Going around... flash back the moment 40 years ago..

29/1/09 (Thurday) - 31/1/09 (Saturday) - Melaka Trip with My Dear's beloved family..

At Melaka Town..

From Left: 龙慧,晓玲,晓玲爸爸,晓玲妈妈,晓清,小玲表妹

Together we standing on same land..

Hihi~~ Just to say hi~~

Go Visit Kuang Kuang new house.

Take a family shot at Hotel~

31/1/09 (Saturday) - 2/2/09 (Monday) - SiawLing's papa visited Segamat.

Eating at 南洋, which is the best coffee shop one time ago, but still taste nice when we went eating there. =)

Homemade Steamboat, healthy food. hehe..

Eating at Pizza Hut, Segamat.

After Pizza, go Jalan-jalan around Segamat Town...

8/1/09 (Sunday) - Gathering at 老妈子Steamboat Restaurant.

Awee come back to Malaysia... Give face lor.. kidding la.haha~~

Shi Han and Gf + friends~

After dinner, went to Taik Hwa house for gambling!! lolx..

Such a Nice Chinese New Year had gone through... Thanks family and friends that had take part in painting my beautiful life~~ Thanks thanks~~ ^_^

>>> To see bigger and clearer photos, please click to enlarge<<< style="color: rgb(51, 51, 255);">elims Chuang
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