Friday, August 29, 2008

David Copperfied trick.

Nice to watch this. Just for sharing~~

Next time can showoff already~~

But i remember last time he can do in the middle of the crowd~~!! How that case can be explained?

With Love,
elims Chuang

Secret Recipe.

Opss.. Secret recipe again... @_@"

Still, the High-Fibre Cheese Cake my priority favourite cake (some may not feel delicious).
Rate : 9/10
Cost : RM 6.50/ piece
Comment: Not too sweet, not too fat. Very recommended if you are looking for some healthy cakes. :p

Durian Cheese Cake.
Rate : 7/10
Cost : RM 6.50/piece
Comment: Nice and strong durian taste, can try it out.

Peach Cake.
Rate : 3/10
Cost : RM 6.50/piece
Comment: No special, not recommended.

What is this? I also forget, although quite ok, but nothing special either...

Lasagne Chicken
Rate : 8/10
Cost : RM 12.50/piece
Comment: Chicken under cheese, nice nice!

If you are vegetarian, here is yours order. Taste better than the outlook itself. Recommended!
Rate: 7/10

"This is mine, I dun want to share with you all... "

Singapore Curry

Rate : 7/10
Comment: Think Malaysia curry is the best? Try this out!
(Not sure singapore really can produce so delicious curry ma? lol..)

Haha... Is my brother --- Kuang Yong and Kuang Liang birthday celebration. =)

Yaya, take a photos, long time no take with family already. Where and when is next location???

With Love,
elims Chuang

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dun Mess With The Zohan.

Yesterday went to watched a film with my dear that said to be a very very funny movie and worth to have a watch.

I wish i can be roshan instead. lol..

Rate of movie:
Story : 7/10
Funny : 6/10
Effect : 6/10
Worth : 5/10

Conclusion: Not necessary to watch this movie in cinema, can just watch in home. hahaha...

p/s: but i love the popcorn, long time no eat already, very nice indeed. :p

With Love,
elims Chuang

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Once upon a time.

My mother sent me this invaluable photo. Feel amused to see myself when small. Quite obvious i was so naughty, cute and funny... Till now, becoming worst!! hahaha..

This photo was taken in Setiawan. (Left = My mom)

How good if we can hold the time, or even back to previous? Just enjoy the moment is most important~ time passes too fast. Take care all dear friends.

With Love,
elims Chuang

Gathering for BBQ

Date: 16/8/08 (Saturday)
Venue: D'kiara Apartment
Occasion: Emergency Call
Purpose: Gathering BBQ and Gaming (after BBQ)
Participants: 20
Payment: Sponsored by xxxx, Chinyen.

Wei.... Lanci Lanyong..??!!

Previously I worked for Japanese as beheading executor.

Wao... unbelievable!!

Walaoyeh, can you imagine how delicious is this???!!!

Wao... Look so fresh!! pork??!!

Oh yeah, this seems very delicious wor!!

Tata.....This is the chef, who keep sucking all the BBQ smoke... For the people... lol.. (Ziping)

Wao.. Secret Receipe Cake. White Chocolate~ 2++kg!! cant finish..Very creamy, oily.. Not recommended..

See... cant finish until use for facial.. T_T...


After eating, we have some interesting topic discussion (18 Only).

Tekhwa sharing his own experiences and thoughts.. PRO!! ^_^

An innocent virgin teen asking lot of curios questions.... (Daniel)

Take a record, see who transform into fatter version next few months. Need to keep fit jor~~~


"Just now, i found a big cat, passing through i.."

Ok, get ready!! Dun afraid cat, it will be very fast.

Now you know where the meat for BBQ come from? @_@"

Perhaps the next gathering will be in Genting, 'where the gamblers meet.'

With Love,
elims Chuang

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Will this work? Killing Mosquito?

Kepong is already a well known spot in contributing to Malaysia dengue fever statistic.

With this can we really ensure the mosquito Aedes habitat is completely wiped out?

Wao, "big smoke gun"~~
All resident is urged to come out from their home to permit the authorize people to clear the mosquito by using chemical spray.

Wao... Can even see farer than 10 m.
Ops, got a hole for them to come in.... T_T


Or we just building their survivability even stronger, causing it harder to kill in future after immune to the current chemical being applied for them?

To stay secured, we need to ensure ourself is healthy enough. With our strong immune system, we can overcome all infections and diseases. Continuosly depending on the external chemical and medicine in long term will just eventually reduce our body's self-protective system.

This mindset is very significant.

With love,
elims Chuang

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lee Chong Wei WON Lee Hyunil

It was a tough game! 3 set games brought the Malaysia ONLY Metal hope ---- Lee Chong Wei go even farer!!

Official Result:
Lee Chong Wei 21 13 21
Lee Hyunil 18 21 13

To see detail of the game: click here.


At the other bracket, Lin Dan will play versus Chen Jin the same country man.

Who you think will win? Game start NOW 8:30pm, let see how it goes~~


Yeah!! One METAL in hand~~ Pushing to the limit!!

With Love,
elims Chuang

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lee Chong Wei Won Soony

Malaysia Metal Hope's Lee Chong Wei continue bringing Malaysia hope of winning Olympic Metal after won the match of Men's Singles Quarterfinal vs Sony Dwi Kuncoro from Indonesia.

Official Result:
Chong Wei Lee 21 21
Sony Dwi Kuncoro 9 11

Funny look: Lee Choong wei's profile


To catch up the latest update of Beijing Olympic, i would suggest (Official Website of Beijing):
1. Olympic News
2. Schedule & Result
3. Gold Metal list

Good luck Malaysia!!!

With Love,
elims Chuang

Blog could'nt be accessed few days ago.

Dear friends and readers~~

I know you are missing me... (perasan!!)

I have done something very very stupid causing My blog is unreachable few days back...

What i could recalled is...

I copied some codes from unknown source and copied in the HTML code in my blog...and... saved..

So dumb me... STuck MySelf..

Just like them...
I shout so loud.. Somebody get me out~~~~~~~!!!


At last... I found the way out...

But sadly, many things has lost in my blog... That a good lesson for me... (Only stupid me will do that silly mistake~~haha)

Anyway, is time to have a good sleep after this..

A truly apologize for all dear friends that has visited my blog. Your concern is my motivation to keep moving forward. (Especially.. [sn]Protoss~~ like my boss asking for report..haha)

I shall Return!!!

Give me FIVE~~~~


With Love,
elims Chuang

Blueserver is Back?

Dear Blueserverian,

Catch up the latest news.

With Love,
elims Chuang

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another Kepong MRR2 Column is Cracking?

Proud to be Kepongian~~!! ^_^

This is where the column damaged. Already 'dabao' awaits for treatment. haha~~

No traffic jam observed~ No sure people who passing down there will feel fear ma? People driving on top of it leh?
I found something!! Not sure it is cracking or not..

Should i get more information on this?

Presentation to Secondary Student...

SMK Putrajaya Persint 11, a very beautiful and greatly designed and lanscaped secondary school.

The 'guard tower' of SMK Putrajaya Persint 11.

I received a mission to go giving talk wor...

Walaoyeh... got 1000 students??!!?? I thought just a small class...

Luckily i am not the first to be presented...

Mejar Dr. Faiz B Khaleed, the second Malaysia's 'astronaut' make the first move~~

"Before i can manage to fly up to sky...I have to..."

"There are so many competitors were running, contending each other, physically, metally and souly..."

"At last, Mejar Dr. Sheikh Muzaffar and me reached to the Final. One day he saw.. i kissed and hugged his gf, and after 2 months of 'negotation', i've picked love, he chosen journey..."

Wao!! so many run to front to ask questionssss~~~ cemburu betul!!

Ops, Anwar's branded hand sign~ Dun play play, he already have reached Gred 52 but still look so childish.. budak-budakan, so cute!! like him very much. (If you know Government scheme, you should know how high rank is him..)

Opps.. Here come a 'funniest and cutiest' presenter... 'Chuang Kuang Hong...' wakakakaka.... Dun vomit ya~~

Hey you come up! You are not paying attention on me, I want to hit your butt!! Tell me your address, i go look for you mom!

If the ears is not for listening, why there are two? lol...

"Hey Mejar Dr. Faiz, just now you can present better de... You just need to..."

"No worry, just let me check how is his condition at this moment...."

"What the tuuu..., this is not a real patient??!!??" @_@"

Girl is Future!! Perempuan Pencerap Masa Hadapan...

Wa.. Want my signature pulak... You sure boh?? Er.... You got girl to intro to me ma? I am still and... always available.. :P

Some funny moment by the students...

Acting pro~~ Stuying... Gg-ed and pawned!!

Good luck to you all~~ Thanks anyway~~

With Love,

elims Chuang

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