Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gong Xi Gong Xi, Gong Xi Fa Chai !!

I, as a co-writer in this blog, would like to take this opportunity to wish all our reader & friends around a prosperous & a 'ong' chinese new year.
Please do not forget the unfortunate people around us, cherish our loved one forever, live life to the fullest & win the race of your life.
If you thought of giving up when you jogging, run a few more steps
If you do 10 pushup a day, increase it, even if its just 11.
If you thought of saying any unkind words, pause for 10 seconds to see if you really need to say it
If you are afraid of something, take a deep breathe and face it again
If its been a while you spoke to your parents/ family & friends, pick up your phone and dial their number
If you always want to say sorry to someone, please say it now
If you want to say hi to the hot chick in your office, well who is stopping you?
If you thought of putting down the heavy burden you carrying, its ok, put it down, take a rest and lift it up again
In short, push your own limit, achieve greater thing with greater heights, be kind, smile always, drink a lot of water, eat good food, stay healthy, stay alert, be stronger, have more confidence, & show the world what you made off. Dont give up.
Wish everyone all the best in this moo moo year. Kung Hei Fatt Choi !!
Nicholas Hew

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CNY Gathering...haha..

A call of Gathering!!
17/1/2009 (Saturday), 7pm

(click to enlarge all photos)


新巴黎露天菜馆, Restaurant New Paris.

For the reason of... “捞升” (lao sheng)... to bring more "ong" this year!! haha..

Notice the small plate containing 2 slices of lemon and orange colour food? that is 鱼生 (fish) that cost RM 55 per serving!! geng!!

First, mix everything that can be seen... @_@"

Let's pray for the good of the year 2009!!

Wei...pray properly la... TT

"Dengan rasminya diumunkan perasmian Majlis Makan Malam semperna Tahun Baru Cina 2009" (卢镜源,Low Chin Yen)

Yeah, let take a photos before fight for the food!!

Let go!! bring luck to everyone~~huat ar~~!! gogogogogo~~


Although all food ordered are so delicious, but it seems so tiny compared to the fun & excitement of the gathering...

So much food, total cost = RM 315

Snooker Bruce Lee Xia Sheng, 李夏震

super eater 刘丽旋,concerning your entitle life 方聪良,new YB or “歪鼻” 黄汉勤

Cute & steady 张继升,"shy shy" Michelle.

Cool 黄培欢,naughty 余子斌

Famous 刘德华,China Imported Fresh & hot 田敏


Semakin handsome 宗煌,黄培欢


This is where.. a piece of watermelon that put everyone life in risk & danger..

The game so called "终极密码” (number counting down). Where a person named as organizer, pick secretly a number between 1-1,000. Let's say 160. Everyone rotating the table need to choose a number range 1-1000 but has to try not to pick accidentally the lucky number 160.

Let say first person pick 500, mean the organizer will say.. 1-500;
2nd person pick 200, the organizer will say... 1-200;
3rd person pick 100, the organizer will say... 100-200;
4th person pick 150, the organizer will say... 150-200;
.... till who is the "suey" person to pick the number 160....haha..

For those who picked number... Some public free show are shown!!

First winner not so lucky, just need to wear the safety watermelon helmet nia.

2nd winner, not so special but a bit challenging, where he need to stand up in crowd and shout!! "我是卢镜源!!I am Mr. Low Chin Yen"

3rd winner, this required abit courage!! need to go any table to shake hand with one person..

See that girl laugh till....见牙不见眼.. kesian singsing..

4th winner, the last lucky one.. Need to wearing super safe watermelon helmet and settle the payment!! (actually was 田敏kena one.. haih.. so gentleman this person..if not can see lenglui show jor.. sianx..)

Anyway, in conclusion..

Good gathering!! Yeah!!

After that still go to pub..if got time i baru update la..

p/s: protoss, can u understand how the game are? my explanation confusing ma?

With Love,
elims Chuang

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Refine & Define Tentative Schedule

This will be my tentative schedule for the rest of the 6 to 7 months - mostly are confirm. The photo shooting is over. It was great. The pics will be publish in March issue, so I guess that whatever we did in that month, get published 2 months later. For eg Fitness done in Feb publish in Apr, and March module will publish in May. Finally on the Nov/Dec month they will start to look for 2010 contestants!

Every man's dream...

Feb 21 - Fitness

Did u eat your veggies....
Mar 14 – Nutrition
Mar 28 – Facial Grooming

Apr 11 - Driving
Apr 18 - Watch Appreciation

May 16 - Cooking
Mar 30 - First Aid

*Picture unable to load due to model showed too much skin*
June 13 - Fashion
June 27 - Hair Grooming

July 11 - Scuba
July 18 - Dancing

& no....this is not the grand prize
Aug 14 - Finale (winner will announce here) I look forward for all these module and sapu as much goodies as possible, armed myself with all the knowledge and emerge victorious !
But I have something to confess. I dont remember my shared blog name. haha! I have decided to put some picture in to make it more interesting. Probably sometime in future I will share my photo shooting experience. I am sorry if I mencemarkan my partner blog.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kepong Golden Days Kopitiam 金年华

This is my father best friend's son restaurant... All so young become boss jor. TT

-Restaurant Golden Days Kopitiam-
Bandar Manjarala Kepong

Front view

Next to Cosway...

Opposite of 99 SpeedMart

Inside of the restaurant, quite clean..

Pork pork come with salted fish, you will like this if you love to eat salty food..haha..

Combination of brinjal, long bean, lady fingers, 4角豆 (not sure how to say in English, someone help? haha..). This is one my favorite dish because it contains 3 types of vegetable which is my love!

Fried Sotong with butter. 奶油苏东~ 香!

Through writing this blog, only i found that the Pork pork was given FREE for us!!

They are doing for catering or birthday and buffet party...

Overall (Full = 10)
Food Delicious: 8 (like house food, like it)
Environment: 8 (clean)
Service: 7.5 (can be improved the speed of serving)
Price: 7 (if cheaper better..haha..)

Conclusion: Recommended

p/s: protoss, thanks edited. =)

With Love,
elims Chuang

Monday, January 12, 2009

Amazing Matematic calculation using Drawing??!?

Get a Paper and a Pen~

Amazing! I try to do other equation, also work...

You may try on other equation, such as 234 x 123, get a calculator, and draw like what this movie shown... You will find it very interesting...!!


Closure of MD Kids Club in Year 2009

Economy Tsunami is coming... and has come.. Just Malaysia, as a "small" country not YET feeling the effect..haha..

Quite shock when see this happening in a International Well-Systematic Company...

Closure of MD's Kids Club!!!

Maybe this is a small issue for you, but not me as a "big kids" here..

This is what we have and proud of...
Kids Club membership card, and the free small size fries every time we buy food exceed RM 5. Alternatively you can get a ice-cream. (In year 2007, customer just need to buy RM 3 to get the fries and ice-cream for free)

So that mean according to the rules, you are no longer getting any benefit after the expiry date of your card, or the latest till 31 December 2009.


Maybe, it is good cause of this club shut down, the fun in MD reduce, and the kids feel not so exciting going to MD, overall can become healthier? Positive thinking ya? haha..


What can do?

Nvm... To counter the economy crisis... after you buy any drink in MD, just bring it along to anywhere you go... like this... @_@"
At least the soft-drink is still refillable at this moment! Fast fast go and grab the benefit before it is announced STOP one day.. haha..

With Love,
elims Chuang
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