Friday, June 27, 2008

Marriage Story - Part 5: Lunch Time

Few Guards has been employed to ensured all people safety~!
From left: Kotd88 (behind), Bugs, Abuthen, KuangHaw.

Dear, dun do that in public please, i go no "image" jor lor~~
Wei... play so many players meh? siap lor... terpaksa smile embarrassingly too.. @_@"
Act cute~~!!
Please give more donationsss, i will help to increase the "workersss" for this country in future, Good for you, Good for me too~~~ ^_^
OK dear..people calling for us jor....jom~~
Many love to sing..
"有一个,美丽的小女孩, 她的名字,叫做婉欣..." @_@
I can sing... I can sing~~!!!
Many singerss has come out here, bringing the hope to become Malaysia Idol in coming days.. What i just can say is "Good Luck"~~ lol..

Lol... paiseh... run tune liao... sorry ya~~ >.<"
OUr beloved papa mama~~
"We born different day different place, but same day same time having the ceremony together... Good good~"

Standing (from left): Kuang Yen, Me, SiawLing, Kuang Liang
Sitting (from left): SiawLing's father, Siawling's mother, my mother, my father, my eldest uncle (father brother), uncle's wife.

Standing (from left): Me, SiawLing, KuangHaw, KuangMing, HengMian, KuangKuang and his son HuiYuan (庄辉源).
Sitting (from left): Siaw Fong, Singapore my nephew (世康), "Abo" eldest aunt (father's sister), 2nd uncle (father brother), 2nd uncle's wife, WanShing (堂哥大嫂).

Standing (from left): KuangYaw's wife, KuangYaw, KuangYaw's daughter, Maiyin, KuangSiang.
Sitting (from left): Abo, Maiyang, SiawLan, Siawlan's daughter.

Standing (from left): Mama, Uncle Poh's wife, Me, Ling, ChewMin (KuangYong's gf)
Sitting (from left): Kude, Kimnin, PeiTian, Abo (Mother eldest sister), BoDeh (Abo's husband), Uncle Poh, Papa, KuangYong

Standing (from left): Me, Ling, AhGue 姐, LongHui, MeiHui's sister, Meihui's sister bf.
Sitting (from left): Rojer, SiawQing晓清, SiawKim晓晶, YunHui, WeiChen, KuangCherng.

Standing (from left): Peihuan, XiaZheng夏震, Ahao, FangXian, Yenyang延洋.
Sitting (from left): ZhiChuan, Jiehui洁慧, Chinyen镜源, "星星", 星星2nd's sister, 星星3rd's sister.

Standing (from left): Me, Ling, Ahuan, Waiter (lol...), KuangKuang and son.
Sitting (from left): Mr. Liew, Mrs. Liew, Mrs. Lee, Mr. Lee, Ayee's husband, Ayee.
^_^Many happy returns... (When is the next time for me? @_@)
Thanks for all family and friends who has turn up. Although it is simple, but its fun for me to have this ceremony being organized in "a bit" proper way.

Good luck to all~

smile smile,
elims Chuang

Marriage Story - Part 4: Back to home base

kotd88, so clever ar you, so small already know volunteer yourself to "help" other~ Tell you dear, since this is the voluntary work, you just get "angpao" (only containing "thank you" note...wakakak~~)
Ei? i thought got people taking umbrella for us de? I thought really "raja sehari"? So hot also not "sekdo"? My biggest challenge: open shoes.... take 3 minutes to do the research, take 5 minutes to find the way.....
3 more minutes to take deep breath and rest after successfully open it... @_@"
Last minutes need Buddha blessing.... >.<... Wish you dun mind~~ (Also "pay visit" to orang tua that had gone to the other world..)
Time to drink tea papa mama~~ (all senior also got free drink from us)
But not actually free, need to pay back something which is 1000X cost much of the tea itself...hehe...
Ok, for those who want to take angpao, line up, call dailou~~
Lolx.... the youngest boy for our next generation also not forget to greet us by saying #$%$%^&^*.. not really understand what he said...
Come, roll here roll there~ turn here turn there~ wish bring your "cousin" come to this world asap~~ lol..
Taking a photos in our room before saying byebye to beloved daughter and sister... sad ya~~ haha~~ ^_^

Marriage Story - Part 3: Smashing the door

Siap~~ we forget where which the room and at which floor~ it take 15 minutes to get to the right one~ funny ma?
Ya, this is the room where we do the "X" last time~ fast, listen, got any human sound inside?
What? They said need to look three available boys for their sisters? walaoyeh, they thought we got no girl want de meh? all being booked long long already..... faster open the door or else, our brother is going to "charge", "bang" and "break" this door oh~~ @_@
Okok deal, you big now... we will find for you, give us 30 days please. Btw, we have one who is still single and desperate.... just he is only 12 years 2 months... can?
Yeah~ thanks for being so nice for us, open in just 3 minutes... since you so nice, give you one orchid flower... Imported from Singapore~~
Brothers, i thought you are on my side, how come ask me do something..... haiya...
Wa...still ask her dun want accept me...
Okok, i promised, everyday, i will eat with you, play with you, sleep with
Haha~~ this is the real flower la... you thought just a small tiny flower? we have done 100% preparation and taking 7 days no sleep no eat...
Brothers ar brothers.... all bad idea coming from you all nia.. do this do that... sister also no comment you all many sound la..
This is "our" family now... "Business" extend already... ^_^
See my brothers... can imagine how bored are they everyday, sure no time and no place for them to play... me become their victim...Ok dear... let's go back, you are already sold to Chuang Family liao...
I know is a bit sad... but what to do.. after buy you, i also no money jor...sad too me... T_T
Lolx.. See my dear's sister is holding a red skirt~ Our car go front and behind repeatedly for three (3) times. Do you know what its mean?
Yeah~~ here we go~~ (It actually mean that although after sister is married, she is not bring everything go, and still will left something behind for her family. Perhaps, it mean also continue missing her family...)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Marriage Story - Part 2: On The Way

Hey, what the...... just notice the flower got no water to drink la... lucky got a bottle of water... brother arrr brother.... T_T
Abit nervous la... how huh? what she think? how she look? her family leh? what they want? what i got? what i can do? how long it takes? how it goes? many to think....
At last, reach liao... brotherss cover me~~
Ei... where am i?? find it in the bush~~
Let take a photos.. 壮胆壮胆嘛.... Our mission: Get her alive~~!!!

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