Tuesday, March 31, 2009



April 10 - Kickboxing test ( 7pm to 11 pm)

"Tendangan padu maut!"

April 11 - Drifting with Nissan ( 8am to 6 pm)

relax la...

faster faster!!

No time rest


Keng ah

Good Game

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Experience of Being Dark.

8:30pm, offline~

Taken in dark. =)

Our Segamat Home on the right, already being switched off. (Wei...whose on top no off huh? @_@")

In dark. 伸手不见五指。。。

Darkness is something scary... 它们总喜欢黑夜?

Lighting is needed.

Different types but same aim, which to provide brightness.

This would feel better and more comfortable now. haha..

I slept for 1/2 hour till... 不知为何那么累,一躺就睡了。。

9:30pm, time's up! haha..

What is the lesson here? What we all learnt from this lesson? It depends.

Perhaps, it should be said by my little brother - Kuang Liang: "this earth need not only 1 hour".

But, this is a good start actually. We are not too late to wake up. The mother nature is still waiting patiently although her illness is getting worse from day to day.

Good luck, to all of us, to our future generation and the Mother Earth.

With love,
elims chuang

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour March 28, 2009 8:30 – 9:30 pm

Give me five! for support.

Check out here:earth hour.

Tonight, see got any special thing happen or not. haha..

elims chuang

Monday, March 23, 2009

My blog's Polls and some sharing on Happiness

Pools taken place for 6 months since September last year, i think is time to put this poll to "retire".. haha.

18 responses received. 不多不少。

Polls by Not to promote, but just to show appreciation.

Polls : Just a Simple Survey.

Boy = 66%; Girl = 33%.

Almost similar like what in my real life, in fact, the ratio of real friend between boy and girl should be around 90%:10%. Man conquering my life. Can use Malay words to describe:"Jantan menghantui kehidupan saya". lol.. @_@"

But.. Women conquer my mind. haha.. 所谓‘狗熊不过美人关’~ 哈哈~
Working = 77%; Student = 22%; unemployed = 0%.

Seems like student are hardly attracted to my blog, maybe cause of we are "too serious". lol.. 奇怪的是,做工人又为什么有兴趣呢?还有谁像我一样的空?哈哈。。

Good news is where no unemployed people around. (If got they wont have this leisure to come here jor la...)
Reader come for: Funny stuff = 44%; Life and story = 38%; Politic, Eco, Edu, Culture = 11%; New Knowledge = 5%; Food and beverage = 0%

Maybe i seems to be funny, crazy and stupid to attract some to see what surprise to provide to them. The life and story should be voted by girl, just i think ^_^.所谓:女人感性,男人敢性! 自己发明的。。哈哈。。

Maybe can learn from rawangboy (his 成名戏 here)or crazyfool!

Surprisingly, no reader follow this blog cause of food!! I talk so much, but no one feel hungry out there? lol..
Age range: 23-27 = 44%; >27 = 38%; 12-18 = 11%; 18-23 = 5%


Obviosly, this blog is suitable for ADULT! haha.. Next time i must act cute to attract innocent teen! 小妹妹! 怪叔叔来咯,跑啊~~
Reader's ultimate dream: To life happily = 66%; Getting rich = 22%; Becoming Professional = 5%; No plan/thought/just accept what is would be = 5%, Find a good hubby/honey = 0%

Many people also looking for a happy life, but who can really find that?

Just to share something on this:

We always try to find love, happiness outwardly. Do you encounter this situation before: We have spent money, time, energy, etc... yet, we cant find what we suppose to looking for?


Because... how can we find something externally whereby that thing is already exist internally since the day we born?

That is why for those who always feel happy and lucky in their life, they will always have a better and happy life.

Happiness can't be bought by gold, it is free, and it can supply you endlessly, and it only stop when your "factory" is shut down.

So, start from today, look into yourself and discover it, there is happiness, there is enjoyment, there is self-satisfaction, all inside ourself. Believe it, and you can feel it! Once u grab it, you shall start to feel how good and lucky you come to this world, and appreciating anything and everything.


Wish you all can understand what i think.

不知是不是人越来越老了,越来越喋喋不休了。 哈哈~

At last, Wish to thanks all reader to keep following! you all push me keep moving!! thanks thanks! 没有你们那么‘关照’,我也不会那么一直在这儿‘盘旋围绕’~


With Love,
elims Chuang 光宏

p/s: Protoss, please correct my grammer to make it easier to understand. My english is really... sxxxs... TT

Bee build house in my house. @_@"

Back Segamat rest rest... ^_^

Found something interesting...

I bet u cant see anything weird.. If can see, you are abnormal... @_@"
My Segamat Home Rear View

If you cant see anything weird here, you are abnormal.. lol..

Got "passenger" (penumpang,寄居)come visit and rent our home..

Deng deng deng... Bee hive..

Quite big family..

1. What is this bees type?
2.How many bees inside?

3. How many families?
4. What is the male or female bee ratio?
5. How many gram if honey?
6. How much i can get if i sell it?

Stupid question expecting stupid answer from you.


But the more controversial question is, who is the real "passenger"? We as human or animal?

Like in Malaysia... who is the real "passenger".. a bit politic ya..haha..

With Love,
elims Chuang 光宏

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Magic - Money money

No money.... need hunt for it..

Victims - Carrefour Kepong.

From nothing to something..

Yeah, this is the place where i can dig dig money..

Let's Go...

See see see...

??!!!??? what the...

Let's go shopping.... lol..

Just kidding la ok... Economy crisis lor, tension ma... do some stupid thing release tension @_@"

Time passing...just survive...留得青山在不愁没柴烧~~

With Love,
elims Chuang 光宏

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Picture paints a thousand word

April 2009 Issue

Second page

Listening attentively during consultation hour

Short interview of what we have learnt from the module
Thats all for now. lazy to upload during weekend. I prefer if picture upload is as easy as facebook
Have a fantastic weekend.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Upacara Pecah Tanah Menara CIDB Malaysia

CIDB stand for Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia, Not CIMB Bank nor Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

CIDB Website: www.cidb.gov.my

Launching of "Pecah Tanah" should have done by Prime Minister but absent, replaced by Minister of Work -Y.B Dato' Ir. Mohd Zin Mohamed

The crowd expected to reach up to 1,000 consist of staffs from CIDB, KKR, JKR HQ and states, and other government agencies like PSDC, also joined by contractors and construction related companies.

CIDB Senior General Manager, En. Abdul Latif Hitam (second from right) wa explaining about the plan of CIDB New Building to Minister of Work, Y.B Dato' Ir. Mohd Zin Mohamed (second from left), accompanied by (start from left) CIDB Chief Executive, Ir. Datuk Hamzah Hasan, Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian Kerja Raya, Dato' Sri Dr. Abdul Munit Bin Kasmin, and CIDB President Y. Bhg. Tan Sri Dato' Ir. Jamilus Hussein



"New CIDB Building" popping out from trees... haha~~


The Location of CIDB New Building in the Map

CIDB New Building Design's Concept

Advantages of CIDB New Building

Facilities in CIDB New Building

Question: When it will be completed?

Good luck and looking forward... ^_^

With Love,
elims Chuang

How Old is the Car already?

Today driving see a cute car following my back...fast fast take camera and shot it.. very funny..haha..

Who know this car how old already? How much it cost at that moment and now? lolx..

Anyone try driving or sitting on this car before? haha..

Wondering how it feels? using "natural" air-condition one i think..haha..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009






Economy Crisis, Water Saving.

Have you hit by the Global Economy Crisis?

There are lot measures being introduced that we come across everyday in order to assist us to save money going through the hard time.

Sometime, there is approach that just too simple for us to implement in our life that may be done in shortly 1 minute.

Just to share some ideas that "invented" by My Dear - 晓玲 in the effort of saving environment and daily water usage in toilet. 好像很伟大一下下。。哈哈~

Overview of my toilet bowl.
Although is not clean, but is one of the favourite place for me to read newspaper!! yerrr.... ^_^

What is that? Some mineral water bottles that already filled with water are put in the tank.

Formula :
Increase bottles number = Decrease the water capacity in tank= Decrease water usage = Save more water = Save money = become richer easier @_@"

Just some simple sharing.

What you think? Good idea? You have something similar to share? haha... 请多多指教~

With Love,
elims chuang 光宏

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Waited so long, with worry and full of expectation..

In the hall...

Finally, 庄光豪终于都有惊无险的毕业了!! (Notice something weird at hair? like a king...? lol..)

Handsome boh? Anyone want his hp?



Wei.. Not this 件la... $@#$$%#$$!@#

Walaoyeh... YB Chuang Kuang Haw dari MCA telah memenangi Kerusi Parlimen di Kawasan Segamat dengan majority undi 32,129 kepada 32,121. @_@"


Super VVIP going back home liao..



This is just a begining, long long way to go~~

有问题没问题都都不要惊讶稀奇心急,只要不伤肉伤筋伤鼻伤皮,当着是场梦是迷就好啦~~ 哈哈~

祝愿:生存、生长、升级、生存! ^_^

With Love,
elims Chuang 光宏
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