Friday, October 31, 2008

Dragon Fruit Ice 龙珠果冰!!!

I am pretty sure you are going to love this! 除非,你是不喜欢吃冰的~~哈哈~

Sour Plum (Seedless)无核酸梅
Ice 冰


Cut Dragon Fruit

Haha... is time to see show!
Presented by: Amanda

Put in the ice into blender.

Follow by sour plum... 是不是已经开始流口水了呢? 嘿嘿...


But, when to stop?

*Hint - Stop when the sound of blending become very smooth indicating all the ice is blended into snow like size. 总之是打到碎就对了啦...

If it is over blended, it will become water.. That is different type of drink already.. T_T

Almost! wait for 3 more minutes.

Now only put in Dragon Fruit.

Blend for while..

Yeah! look delicious right?

Add in some water to dilute its concentration. 但别加入太多水,一旦变成龙珠果水就没那么好吃了。。。opps,是‘喝’。。。哈哈!

Is time to serve...

Very delicious, i would personally rate it 9.9/10.

Very worth it to have a try, and it is not complicated. 像我这样的懒人只会好吃懒做...怪不得越吃越胖...


Special thanks to AhSing & Family for introducing such a great and tasty drink!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008



我们的‘一夜情’从这一座开始。。。‘刚交之友’ 。。。@_@"

哈哈~ 终于见到我们的‘呕像’啦~~~ RawangBoy如今已变成RawangMan啦。。



哎呀,其他人该有更好的照片吧。。。遮到我的好兄弟了。。。还没准备好就拍。。 T_T

‘拥抱1027’哪可只是说说而已? ^_^


下回可办个‘亲吻1027’也不错嘛! 嘻嘻!! (兄弟,该不是第一次吧。。。表情。。。)




人 生 皮 痒 戏
KL Sales
Jess Cheng Photo




Sunday, October 26, 2008

Buzy Journey JB Trip

23/10/08 (Thursday):

9.00 am - Moved from KL heading JB.

10.00 am - Had a heavy breakfast at KFC Restaurant Jejantas Ayer Keroh.. hehe..

11.00 am - Tired, take a snap at R&R. (Forget which pitstop already. lol..)

12.30 pm - Continued journey

1.30 pm - Reach JB, went to UTM, my formal Univ.

1.45 pm - Stay at Mandarin Class (HYB) counter. 华文班的心语去了哪?哈哈。。。无所谓,有难极品也好啦。。

2.30 pm - Went to look for Dato' Prof. Zaini Ujang. 哇,短短两年,从一个部门的头,变成一校之长,而且是大马历史上最年轻的校长呢。 不敢说会绝后,但这肯定是空前的。Unfotunately, I surprised myself, cause he was not around. lol.. Passed him CIDB Training Program Calendar and HYB Level 1 text and exercise book.
Year 2006, open house dinner at Prof. Zaini House.

2.45 pm - Met with En. Farid, Pegawai HEP, also my Master Study Recommendation People.

2.55 pm - Went to Faculty of Civil Engineering (FKA), meet with Dr. Sharin. Get some useful information from him: A tracer study of FKA showed that 80% of its student are employed! That a great figure! And 20% out of the 80% currently obtain their job in overseas! This figure attracted me so much.

3.30 pm - Star Buck, Jusco Skudai. Looking for a Lego related company through net to cooperate in ASC. Lot calling has been done, tired. Took a short snap there.

5.30 pm - Check in Naza Hotel, JB.
Naza Hotel located at Stulang.

5.30 pm - 8.30 pm - Great, got WIFI!! Surfing internet! No need dinner. lol..

8.30 pm - Start course - Protocol and Etiquete, Introduction of Etiquette and Protocol.

10. 30 pm - Back room, internet-ing. 玩一场DOTA.. lol..

1.00 pm - zzZZzzzz


24/10/08 (Friday):

8.15 am - Wake up, no need go breakfast cause want to sleep more. 也当着减肥咯。。哈哈!

8.30 am - 12. 30 pm - Course.

12.45 pm - Meet with Uncle Lee. 又有免费午餐。。。哈哈。。

2.45 pm - Course

5.30 pm - Go shopping with Rafidah (Fiq) & Wan Zakiah at Free Tax Zone. 也在这地巧合认识了一位disco的厨师Samat. 下回要偷运酒客有人帮忙咯。。。哈哈。。

7.00 pm - Back hotel, surf net. hehee..

8.00 pm - BBQ Dinner

8.45 pm - Course

10.30 pm - HYB AGM. 看到会员们热烈的参与讨论、辩论,让我感到好兴奋!这才是健康的活动风气,才好玩嘛。。。 出席年轻活动能让自己感觉年轻了。。。虽然是自我安慰啦。。哈哈。。

1.00 pm - Supper

3.00 pm - Back hotel, tired~ but still manage to play DOTA one

5.00 pm - zzZZzzz


25/10/08 (Saturday):

8.30 am - Yeah no need go breakfast, so happy!

8.45 am - Course

12. 30 pm - Go StarBuck find for 碧夏、伟涵、bobby、xXx? 能谈天说地最快乐不过的啦。。。

4.00 pm - 拍拍屁股,回KL咯。。。回的路途好累,陆陆续续停了两三站,休息、找吃、小解。。。 好累好累。。。

8.00 pm - 终于都回到家了。。。 T_T 直接睡觉至天明。。。

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

Looking at the title, I heard many whispers and giggling of visitors that pays a visit to my blog. It seems like I can read their mind ‘how to go silent on a Halloween night ?

As easily as the question was ask, almost immediately I can reply to them ‘by going with a Nokia Xpressmusic phone of course!

Why Nokia Xpressmusic Halloween? I tell you later on I replied.

But how, they asked. Easy…I answered. ‘by accepting the invites from Nuffnang.

Visitors: Nuff-what?

It’s easy. Why easy? You see I have done everything imaginable in this world. I conquer the highest of the mountain, deepest of seas, when bungee jumping, dirt bike racing, yes I am a quite an adventurous guy. My last Halloween experience, which is having intercourse all night still fresh in my mind. No doubt it’s the time of the year again when creepy crawlies, witches, broomstick, Dracula, apple candy, some scary spirits & not to forget our Jack O’ Lantern and skeleton will make their way out…to our real world.

Picture grabbed from tunkuaisha.

I had been to Everest, 3 years back. The expedition nearly took my life, but what the heck; nothing is guaranteed in this world right? Sometimes, thing are either you have it or you don’t. It was pretty cold & we are lost and hungry. 5 of us are stranded when our path was covered by snow. No, we did not eat our friend’s flesh to survive. We are not directing any zombie flick. We endure the harsh coldness till the day is bright, when search party come & rescue us. Coming back, I feel like bigger & stronger – feels like a barbarian warrior coming down from highland.

Let’s travel to the deepest of sea. Imagine diving with shark swimming beside you? Fuu…I tell you, the moment the whale shark swam across me, yes you heard it right, a whale shark. By the way it’s harmless. The moment the shark swam beside when I was diving, you can feel that, at those seconds, how significant you are. Any split seconds, the creature could gobble you up and that’s it.

Picture grabbed from IMDb.

That was last year, when it was my 22 years old; it was memorable because unlike anybody else, who went to celebrate by having parties, I did not. Or rather not yet. I met my gf there. She was Elena & I was Zorro, cut long story short, we have our own private Halloween party after the real party was over.

Back now, a visitor stop and ask me. Do you really want to go? I said yes without delay. Why he asked? My reply was simple

I been into bully small children when I was small, locking fellow female inside a classroom, I play truant a millions time, I join a gangster group in my school, I smash my discipline teacher car, I burn my headmaster office, I steal from supermarket, I steal from the rich – but never give to the poor. I extort other student for their lunch money, I been to riot, I been to police station, I broke into people house, I gang up a female senior student just to get her number & a date (the number yes but the date was unsuccessful), I locked teacher in the science lab, I kicked my teacher during my Pendidkan Jasmani class, I slap other student, I slap other student again, I steal people underwear and bra, I never did my homework, I force my college friend to finish my assignment, I buy my degree – I have tons of degree in my yard, I done all extreme extreme stuff

But I never had been to a silent Halloween.

About why Nokia Xpressmusic makes Halloween better, give me an invitation pass & a Nokia 5220 or 5320, I’ll tell you.

protoss & elims

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tie a tie in 10 seconds!

Girls, you may feel interested to watch this~

This video grabbed from >>here<<.

If you can do this in front of boys, they respect you very very much!! 他们一定会对你另眼相看!可能还会‘不小心’看上你呢~~所以你要小心哦~~ 哈哈~^_^

With Love,
elims Chuang 光宏

Monday, October 20, 2008

Welcome to a New Author of My Blog.

Let's welcome my new blog English author ---- protoss. haha~~

click to view his profile here:>>Protoss<<

Meeting now. see ya~ ^_^

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jamuan Raya KKR 工程部宴会

KKR = Kementerian Kerja Raya, Ministry of Work (previously was handle by Datuk Seri Sammy Vellu..haha.)

15/10/2008. Open to all. Mostly all construction related agency.

My first time, to be in Malay Costume. 我的第一次。。 就这样。。

Converted! ‘跳槽了’?哈哈~~

Lend me your hand please~? It is not easy to wear actually. 被人'上下其手'。。。没办法啦,自己不会穿。。

Yeah, Let's take some photos~
(From Left: Shaikh, Suhaimi, xxx, shila, anne, yyy, Alinda, Leen, Nik)

Photos again! gogogogo ^_^

All bosses. Senior GM, 1 GM, and one Assistant Manager. 可以和大人物沾沾光,运气因该会好些吧。。哈哈~~Lucky day.
(From left: Abdul Latif, Suhaimi, Ir. Rohaizi, me me, Megat Kamil)

I was told to slot into the chit chating for shooting purposes. haha~~

T_T...waiting for Minister...

Ministry of Work, Mohd. Zain Mohammed, reached late for about 1/2 an hour. 为什么部长总是迟到呢?是不是大粒一点就有这种权利。。。

Fully booked, down and upstair. Estimated 2,000 people turned up.

Help to winded~

Very very delicious satay. 烧到刚刚好, 肥肉又多,很爽口!

Just to share something..

Since there are lot people came, they waited, they queued. Satay was not able to cater all those people...

Satay was finished early. 吃到不够吃。

Sarcastically, at VIP seat, the satay was not eaten and left so so many. 难道那些‘大粒’一点就可以有那么多优待,就得得到更加多的关照?关照也不需要关照到不够用的东西都拿去奉承给他们嘛,那也太过份了。

Will take note on this.

With Love,
elims Chuang

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

7th ASEAN Skill Competition.

I am quite sure that many of you have not come across this before ---- ASEAN Skill Competitions (ASC). 是各项技术的比赛。。。

For sports, we know Olympics. For the skill aspect, this is the special designed competition for them. 没听过leh..

The ultimate for this event is World Skill Competition (WSC). Last year WSC was in Japan. Not sure how was Malaysia performance=)

This year, Malaysia is the host of the big event. Although many still unknown, but this is one kind of knowledge we should know.若被人问起,没听过可是项羞耻的事哦! 哈哈~~

There are 19 trades to be competed in this ASC.

List of the skills involved in ASC. 19 项算多吗?

10 countries that taking part in ASC.

Ministry of Works (Kementerian Kerja Raya) and Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) are the main organizers for the event.

The previous host of ASC.

Malaysia was the first country that holding this event. Proudly, it come back to us after 13 years.

This figure explain why, ASC is held:

This event will be held on 14/11/08 (Friday) to 16/11/08 (Sunday) at Akademi Binaan Malaysia, ABM (just next to Chan Siow Lin LRT Station).

Map of ABM where the ASC going to be held.

No entrance fee is charged. That mean all of you are very welcome. This is my first time to watch on this event as well. Looking forward.

Please support this event if you are not doing anything at that moment. Wish Malaysian can bring our name towards better position. 你觉得大马至少会拿到第二名,对吗?^_^

You may contact me for further information (although i am not the PIC..我不介意跟你八卦一下嘛。。。lol), 017-7319899.

With Love,
elims Chuang

Sunday, October 12, 2008

甲洞甜品哥哥,Kepong Desert Hongkong

Not sure why this restaurant put their English name as Hongkong, sedangkan they are selling various type of desert? 哥哥甜品和香港有什么关系? 奇怪。。。

Located very near to Kepong Carrefour. 又是在甲洞的好料~ @_@"

Front view. 感觉还蛮好的。

You will be given a piece of paper containing all type of manisan. There are more than 140 selection!! 吃到你爽你都吃不完~~ 哈哈~

All the waitress are so pretty, although they are just in simple clothing! 信不信由你~ 尔。。。这又有什么关系? 哈哈。。。


芝麻糊 (Bijian)+杏仁糊(Almond)

Cost: RM 3.30

Rate: 9.0

Comment: For those who dislike to have sweet drink, you may wish to try this. I just feel it is a bit too small size for me. 怎么会吃的过瘾呢? :p 难道是物以稀为贵?

开心乐园, Happy garden?

Cost: RM9.00


Comment: An assortment of fruits including santan jelly (top right), De coco (below santan jelly), kiwi jelly (in green), pomelo, 'frog eggs' (dunknow how explain this in english and even The below is all real maggo and its juice. Feel that it is overating. 怎么会吃的过瘾呢? :p

Since there are still plenty of desert selection can be tried of, you may pay a visit anytime. 到时吃了其他好吃的记得要分享哦!


Opps, before i forget, 2 good things about this restaurant i would like to share are:

1. The gov tax and service tax are waived! Usually we will be charged for extra 15% tax. 算算看,也省下不少哦!

2. The service of the waitress is very polite. They are very good in recommending you with all the food in this restaurant accordingly. 女人,他们会特别介绍一些较有滋润效果的甜品,如木瓜木耳汤。

With Love,

elims Chuang

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