Sunday, July 20, 2008

Whatever? Anything?

This can be seen in shopping complex.
Whatever? Anything?


Yes, this is a new brand of can drink. What so special of it?

If you see in the picture above, they are packed in six (6). There are actually contain of six (6) different flavour in each Anything or Whatever package. That mean total of twelve (12) different, unique flavour that you can try of.

You won't know at all what flavour you get when u pick it. Luck matters. ^_^


I like this concept very much. Which is the feeling of..... "Whatever.. Anything... also can....". Just like.. "cincai lah..."


Haha... Anyway, i did not buy it, cause it is considered as expensive drink. The 100 plus is only available at RM 1.30/tin.

Just go to shopping complex to find out more about this. (Go at weekend better, cause the promoter usually just work on weekend.)

With Love,
elims Chuang

IKEA Window Shopping.

Went to IKEA last few days..

Are you one of them?


I like this...

A (FAT) Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (披着羊皮的大肥狼。。哈哈。。)


elims Chuang

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anwar is arrested~

Arrested, AGAIN, time 12:05pm (from my friend who close to Parti Keadilan). The dateline given is 2:00pm 16/7/08, yet reach, but already being caught.

More information can be obtained here: Malaysiakini, Suarakeadilan.

Funny right? Yesterday he just debated with Shabery Ceek on the "Hari ini bentuk kerajaan, Esok turun harga minyak".

What will be happening next?

Demonstration? Peace Gathering? Road Block? Traffic Jam? Productivity decrease? Market Money flow slowing down? Supply-Demand imbalance? Economy worsen? Inflation increase? Expenses rise? Money value decline? Purchasing Power Drop?

So what? How?

Stay calm? and stay confident? hahaha~~

Prepare for more "interesting drama" showing up soon~ ^_^

Anwar Ibrahim arrested by polis dated 7 Februari 2002.

elims Chuang

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anwar VS Shabery

Contestor - Anwar Ibrahim.
Defender - Shabery Cheek
Who should prevail? Who shall fall? Everything "should" be done today, 15/7/2008, at 9:00pm.
(Astro, TV9)

Personally, i bet for Anwar Ibrahim, since Parti Pembangkang always win the claps and cheers~ hahaha~
And i really wish the price of fuel can reduce tomorrow, although, it seems just a hope, an empty hope~ @_@"

elims Chuang

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wishing Well

What we have with us now usually is the best, what we think we wanted to have, may coming along with the problems and bad consequences that we will only face when we have them afterwards.

So, appreciate what we have now is good enough.

With Love,
elims Chuang

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Marriage Story - Part 6 (Final) : Marry in Office.

Few days after 7/6/08, my office organize a special ceremony for us. See.... this happen in CIDB office? Cant really imagine this could happen in our life.. lol.
Stupid look... but funny as well..
En. Suhaimi Arifin, MC of the day, Organize everything, gathering man power, and make this event so so good order~
En. Megat giving some flowers~~ haha~ (Ops..he is Senior General Manager, consider 3rd man in CIDB already now...@_@")
En. Rohaizi, my lovely and funny boss~ haha~~ ^_^
Pn. Ida, another department head giving wishes~
Ir. Sia Han See, the Man who bring me into CIDB, the man, who always helps me front and behind, openly and quietly.
My just kind "ex-boss", En. Mohd Noor~
Wan Nordin, Chief Operating Officer of Academi Binaan Malaysia giving wishes.
Dear tina, newbie in CIDB just like me.. She said giving food for chickens~~ @_@"
Cutting the pulut merah~
Showing Appreciation to everyone who help making this event so special, unique, successful and meaningful for us.
Doa recitation~ Wish everyone all the best~~ ^_^
Thanks everyone for attending... Really feel so touched.. T_T..
Lol.. so many types of expression.. Tension, happy, smiling, berangan-angan, looking other funny this combination...
Ops..typical gift by CIDB, so big and so heavy~~ anyone want? contact me, negotiate the price~~ hahahah~~
Thanks for stay tune for my funny and lovely story~~ Your support is indeed giving more energy to push forward.

Sincerely wish that you all can get a right person at the right timing~

All the best~

With Love,
elims Chuang
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