Monday, April 6, 2009

25 Random Rant

1. i bought a new pda phone, but i wasnt happy with the after sales service

2. at this crisis, you should focus on long term basis instead of just daily sales

3. i feel that my destiny is coming near, something really big that gonna change my life to a better one forever

4. if my life is like a map, i wish to walk on a new path instead to follow what people drew for me

5. ok, maybe i will follow the map, but not exactly

6. i knew your secret

7. i knew your darkest secret

8. the world is round, i believe even u are at the bottom now, u can become top 1 day

9. same, if u are at the top now, u can drop to bottom anytime.
10. i believe in karma

11. i believe bad thing will come to u if u treat others bad

12. i believe even if bad thing does NOT come to you, it will demand for payment from your future generations

13. god have eyes

14. Buddha too

15. i believe when someone have the ability to give, its very very well reflected on good their well being.

16. no, i am not talking about donation/money here

17. it counted but depends on your heart intention

18. i always believe in exploiting the grey area. i wont be totally good or totally bad, but i would say depends on situations

19. the rant is going to end

20. i dont know what else to write

21. number 21

22. do not assume

23. do not assume people know anything even when they did

24. do not assume people DONT know anything even if they dont

25. do not assume the people you talk to are stupid or a genius

26. there are 26 - so what?

27. rules are make to broken

28. just joking, like i say, i prefer bending the rules instead of breaking them

29. i am proud to be myself

30. i am Nicholas Hew & i think u do not know what i am capable of

bonus point - i think i already level up by typing this.

Just found this book - see the Author name?!!?! Nassim Nicholas Taleb? specially for you Nicholas. Please look for this book, after you have finished reading, please share what is him talking about! haha..


----- Jennifer ----- said...

your blog is very good

Nicholas Hew said...

thank you. keep on reading !


elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

Ops~~ Lenglui also supporting~ :p

Thanks for coming jennifer, you got no blog? TT

waloayeh Protoss, so pro!! good randomness!! I like random! I am random also!! wakakakak!!

Shown said...

@@ 什么来的

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...


哈哈!! ^_^

Translate for protoss:

My friend's shown wondering what am I writing?

I answer, this is not written by me~ haha~~ ^_^

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