Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wonders of Technology

My fellow friends,

please do not depends your life on technology too much. instead of making life easier - it makes life harder on a long term

less than a 2 years hard disc decided to fail on me on tuesday night.

Axer laptop using a noob Hitacxi brand hard disc


College files



Saved game

Edison video

gone - like...forever.....FOREVER !

good game

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Behind scene of EPF Contribution 11% to 8%. 公积金调整背后的隐忧。

For those who are currently working, you may want to see this. I got this information from the email i received.


Assume monthly basic salary is RM4000.
- If your monthly EPF contribution is 11% ( RM440 ), taxable income = RM3560, income tax payable = RM77.
- If your monthly EPF contribution is 8% ( RM320 ), taxable income = RM3680, income tax payable = RM109.
Conclusion : If you choose to contribute 8%, you will end up paying more income tax to the government,
which will make the government richer. Finance Minister Najib said this measure is meant
to boost up the slow-down market, but from this example wee see that the money does not
go into the market. Instead the money goes direct into the government's pocket through
the greater amount of income tax that we will have to pay.

假设 薪水RM4000

- 选择 EPF 11%也就是RM440taxable income RM3560,所以tax RM77
选择 EPF 8%也就是RM320 taxable income RM3680,所以tax RM109


That is why I am waiting for the form to be filled to change the 8% EPF contribution back to 11%. 有杀过没放过。。哈!

Please share this information with your friends, and kindly correct me if there is any mis-calculation above. 我可不是数学精算家,请多多指教~


With Love,
elims Chuang

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just a funny and stupid survey.傻傻的问题。。。

Maybe after sick, there is "short-circuit" in my mind..haha. 病人刚病好,总会有奇奇怪怪的问题。。。哈。。


GIRLS, which category you would love to be? 姐姐妹妹们,你们希望把自己变成那类型呢?

A. pretty/beautiful 漂亮、美丽

B. attractive/charming 有魅力

C. elegance 有气质

D. sweet 甜


If for MAN, which girl would be your choice?


Just curious. haha..

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sick ----- 7/11/08 > 9/11/08

Fever, sorethroat & flu...

My weight has dropped 8kg from last Friday. Is a great keep fit way. (I wish can decrease up to 20kg..hehe..)

Just sleep and sleep, rest and rest.

Take care all dear friend~ ^_^

With Love,
elims Chuang

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Organic Veggie Garden at Home - by my mom ^_^

I enjoy home veggie gardening which I picked up when I was in primary school. my school provided a small corner for pupils to grow vegetables. I remembered a few of my classmates went to collect pig's dropping for fertilizer. When harvesting, marks were given according to the weight & kinds of veggie. It was a satisfactory hobby, not only gaining the knowledge of gardening, I could have my own grown veggies on dinner table.

Nowadays, many vegetables from market are not safe to consume, they contain excess of insecticide & pesticide which are harmful to our body. If using artificial fertilizer for long time, organisms in soil are killed, the soil is spoiled. Healthy soil yield healthy food.

I had a small piece of land beside my house, I grow veggies like kangkong, bayam, long bean, petola, bittergourd, lettuce, bai chai, chai sin, ladyfingers, eggplant. Sometimes sweet potatoes and ginger are grown, these plants take about 4 months and nine months respectively.

Usually, I dig a hole, dump the kitchen food waste to the hole and cover with soil.
OR I use an empty paint-tong, make few holes at its bottom, fill with used top soil to about 1/3 tong and then dump the kitchen waste in till the tong is full, put soil on top and cover the tong .
It takes about 4 months, this compost is fertilizer. The water for soaking mushroom is good for compost and soil.

Organic veggies are expensive in market. This home gardening is enjoying, money saving , provide veggies instantly & good exercise for me.
For leafy veggies, I usually grow 2 to 3 types at a time, so I have different dishes.

Here are some photos of my garden.

Flower of long bean

Black bean

Flowers of bitter gourd. Pollen grains on left and stigma on the right flower.

Bitter gourd.


Hiangling (My mom.. hehe..)
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