Thursday, April 9, 2009

换老板了,工程部! Change Boss of Ministry of Work!

'Again', Malaysia Ministry of Works' Minister has changed after the new cabinet is announced today by New Prime Minster - Dato' Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak .
大马新内阁由新上任首相纳吉宣布后, 工程部部长'又'换人咯~!

Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor, 45 (born in 20/1/1964, Ipoh Perak)

So young~ Good news! Wish he could lead us to a new era~
非常年轻,希望他能带领工程步迈向更高峰~ (只好祈祷, 显然不太可能!)

In case you dun know what is this Ministry, you might know this, the earlier boss.

Sammy Vellu 印度大兄三美威鲁 (born in 8/3/1936, Kluang Johor)

Sammy Vellu was being dismissed from Minstry of Work after lost in Election 2008.

He is very famous with his thick face. His face wont changed colour even he is lying, because... his skin is black. (Kidding, dun take it seriously)
He should be very thankful to GOD giving him chance to take a rest.
他的脸皮出名厚无比, 再说更大的谎也不会变色, 因为.... 他的脸是黑色的.. (开玩笑,别在乎) 要不是'上帝所赐',他还得'面不改色'的工作呢.

Anyway, dun be sad Mr. Sammy, the one would cry even louder is this minister: Datuk Ir Mohd Zin Mohamed (born in 28/3/1954, Kluang Johor). He not even sitting on that position for a year?
大兄别伤心,因为更惨的是这位兄弟. 他屁股还没做烧就'退位让贤'了...

People said: "He is always late, and no feeling of empathy, he 'extremely care' his people causing lot people feel pressure~" (This is just ' public rumor', dun too believe)
据说:"他爱迟到, 而且也太没人情味了, 对身边的下属更是'不遗余力'的'关怀提醒',大家都深感压力~" 听说,他还有两个‘内人’呢~ 嘿嘿~ (这只是多人市面上'乱传的谣言',别当真)

Boss changed! So, what next?
换老板了! 接下来会有什么样的花样?

New people, new style.

Where it will bring us?
会不会让人头疯? 还是会带到另一个高峰?

What you think?


p/s: all the people information is linked to Wikipedia.

with Love,
elims Chuang 光宏

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