Monday, September 29, 2008

Road Clear~

The days before Raya... I wake up at 7:00, move from Kepong home at 7:20 am...

Jalan Kuching, reporting smooth traffic today. No police, no jam.

I can even drive with the speed at 80 km/hour. 终于可在上工的路上尽情飞驰了~~haha~~

Reach office at 7:35am... too early pulak.. haha..

How great if everyday can go to work with this speed and just take me 15 minutes to reach office, right? 但,好景总是那么的短暂。。。 不要紧啦,至少曾经拥有嘛。。。 (自我安慰,不然很快就‘上路’了呢~)

好珍惜这段轻松快乐上班路程的日子哦! 嘻嘻~
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