Friday, September 19, 2008

Kepong 眼仔碌碌!

A newly open "loklok" restaurant~~ Currently they have Loklok cars... But now they're testing a new idea of changing into shoplot.

Located in Kepong, next to Jusco Kepong and Maybank.

Front view

So many choices~~ Yumyum~

Vegetables, to cool down body~~ We suggested to include timun!! cause i like it...wakakkaka..

Right, MangkaliSing; Left, DaGin大件 - Boss of Loklok!! Last time we were swimming together... now so fat jor!!

All in~~ sailang!!!

Fire, self service~~ haha..

眼仔LokLok Satay 皇帝Mee!! We invent it!! rate 8/10!!
Dun eat too much, share share eat to prevent fat!!! @_@"

Good luck to our dear friend 大件~~ Wish they can go even farer!! 加油!!

With Love,
elims Chuang

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