Monday, September 8, 2008

E San Thai Kitchen

Liew Tek Hwa, 刘德华,is treating us a big meal for his birthday celebration on 5/9/08. =)

"Free food is most delicious food!!"

Here is where E San Located. I recommend you all go by KTM, stop at Mid Valley station. You just need to take another 3 minutes of walking distance to reach the restaurant.

If you notice, E San located behind the bus stop of Jalan Bukit Raja.

This is the introduction of E San. I never read it. =)

Haha.. our big boss~~~!!! Wear so smart!!
Rate: 9/10
Cost: good value if want to sell the pork shop!
Comment: heavy and funny. :p

The appetizer. Long bean and cucumber, simple but nice.

Cost: RM 3
Rate: 8/10
Comment: The santan is so sweet and tasty. The water-chestnut is wrapped by some sort of sagu, making it very unique.

Fish Cake
Cost: RM 15
Rate: 7/10
Comment: The middle bow contains chili sauce.

Crispy Rice
Cost: RM 45
Rate: 8/10
Comment: The bowl of rice's is produced by applying the concept of overcook the rice, and then fry it.

Mango Salad
Cost: RM 15
Rate: 5/10
Comment: The fried yam above is too oily. Not suitable for me cause too FAT! =)

E San Special Soup
Cost: RM 45 (one big bow for six person)
Rate: 7/10

'Haruan' Grilled
Cost: RM 48
Rate: 8.5/10
Comment: It's huge!!!

Otak-otak Coconut
Cost: RM 25
Rate: 8/10
Comment: The otak-otak soaking in coconut is very appetizing.

In return, we give a small gift! It cost RM 30. Guess what inside? lolx...!?!?!

Overall comment: The food is all in Thai style. Quite good and worth to be tried. It is not too expensive (although not cheap compare to Chinese restaurant).

What will be more delicious then free food?
(answer: Delicous free food!)

When can i keep fit then? @_@"

With Love,
elims Chuang

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