Wednesday, September 24, 2008

If your company block MSN...

Angry? Disappointed? Tired? Bored? Missing somebody?

No worry, 上有政策,下有对策~~
Here is an alternative.

click: >> ebuddy <<

Key in your account/ID and password.

This textbox will appear....
*The circle show who is online at the moment.

*The circle above show who are your chatting with.

Type your message(s), and enjoy chat now~~

Remark1: Your avatar wont be displayed, that sad~ cause people dun know how handsome and pretty your are. :p
Remark2: Can cater for MSN, Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, ICQ, etc.. That great!
Remak3: If your company block this and internet, i not sure
how can i help you already.

With Love,
elims Chuang

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