Monday, September 1, 2008

针灸 Acupuncture

30/8/08, I went to Hospital Tung Shin (同善医院) located 1km away from Pudu Raya Bus Station. This is due to my left leg muscle feeling pain and sometimes struggling for the cramp while playing sport. It already been for few years. Is time to have a body check up.

The front of Hospital Tung Shin.

After the doctor "interviewed" me for short while, he took out some fine needles. Oh no.... I dare not imagined how pain it going to be when those needles were inserted into my leg.. The doctor age 30, refused for being taken photo.


Doctor comments: The injury weaken the leg muscle and further causing muscular contraction. This is a common case by the way.
Doctor advices: Don't - take cold drinks, eat prawn, use cold water for bathing, play too heavy sport.


Surprisingly, the pain was so little, until I couldn't even know the needles already in place!

This was my expression when the needle was going to be popped into my leg... lol..

Total 5 needles were used.

The infra-red light was used to increase the heat of leg as so the acupuncture process efficiency can be enhanced.

It took about 20 minutes before all needles were removed from my leg. That was a release~~ I can feel the pain at the muscle is reduced now.

It just cost me RM 11 for the first visit. (RM 3 for registration fee). After this, I need to pay only RM8 per visit (if for acupuncture purpose).

I shall go again next time. =)

If you feel interested to know more about acupuncture, click here: wikipedia

With Love,
elims Chuang


YuMie said...

umm.. is it really not pain? =X scary~~

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

It look like very pain, but in fact, the pain is even smaller then the ant's bite! Believe or not?

Surprise right?

CέlCıΰѕ said...

my god..take care lerhx..=]

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