Tuesday, September 23, 2008

中国报寻宝, China Press Treasure Hunt


19/9/08, 7:00pm; Ricky the president of this Charity Treasure Hunt was giving his speech and briefing.

So many participants attended.

All paying full attention to avoid missed out any tips.

Drink that had been distributed, sponsored by YEO's.

Extra muffin!! We helped organizer to distributed to participants.. some funny moment.. @_@"

Reach home, get ready!! paste all sticker and move in all nessasary equipment before zzZZzz!

Completed at 1:15am...
20/9/08, wake up at 5.30 am. Wao!! That was just a short snap!! Half an hour packing before depart from Ah Sing's home.

152 cars were lined up, ready to treasure along the journey.

Headed off: 7:30 am...

Navigator (leader) + driver formed the front line!

My dear, be my assistant, recording what i said. lol... @_@"

Looking for the related shop/restaurant.... and copied into the provided answer sheet.

Leading, guiding, coordinating...

Thinking, searching, identifying...

Chin Yen's eldest sister... last minute repainted before the arrival of lunch.

Some said yes, some said no??

The answer together with the treasury item (rice, biscuit and curry chicken in tin) were submitted at 2pm (cut off time: 3pm) at A-Famosa.

2:30 pm - 6:30 pm : zzZZzzZzZzz

7pm... dinner time!!

Long Kang Mee?? lol..

Wao...seems very famous oh~~~

Never stop serving...

Wantan Mee
Rate: 8.5
Very appetizing. Recommended!

9:30 pm, Back to A-Famosa...

Front View.

For Kids ONLY! Too high, you are not allowed to enter..sorry! @_@"

lol... cowboy?

How good if i can have the size and length...

"I am confident can break the record! just hold!"

Haih... Follow the rule please..

See.... hard to teach.. @_@"

Surrender your bow now!!

10 pm, is time to watch movie. Excited!

Hehe... take a snap before go in~~

Yaya~~ Love this promotion banner. seems nice~~

Before start...

Final Destination?

Just kidding la.... zZzzz...


After watch...

Movie: SOS Planet
Rate: @#+$#%^&*!
Comments: The movie was slashed!! just about 4 minutes... that was cheating!!

Nvm, we go back have fun~~

2 am...



Oh i see.... pity pity... you are good friend... T_T

21/9/08, 7am...

After a night... lol..

Hey waiter, please smile a bit, can? As a saying goes: "Peace begins with a smile." lol....

Nasi Lemak. Simple and light breakfast....because is charity ma~~

Take a photo with Ricky. Take some luck from him.. hehe..

Our team, our story, our memory. 54!

Just to share a great shot by me! hehehe...

Guess where we go after this??



Melaka!! Bobby main base!

Lenglui serving hot hot tart for us..

We said we are from China Press, so the shop owner gave us 3 tarts FOC!!! Wish we can write something good~ YUMYUM~~~ ^_^

Tired...zzzzZZZzzZzZ.. is time to go back!!

That all I have...

With Love,
elims Chuang

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