Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cell phone killing us?

Take a look on this!! impressive~~

this video is originated from metacafe, click: < here> for find out more.

What do you think?

After this, i think i will reset my mind and continuously remind myself to reduce the usage of handphone already. T_T...

But is there any alternative(s) if we are not using handphone? From the other aspect, we already being "imprisoned" by the so called 'high technology world' today.

We feel so inaccessible without handphone;
We feel so outdated without handphone;

We feel so helpless without handphone;

We feel so anxious without handphone;
We feel so lonely without handphone;
We feel so lifeless without handphone;

We create & develop the technology, but the technology is ruining and destroying us consequently~~ That's funny right?

Who to be blamed? Who shall take responsible? How can we improve or mitigate this worsen situation?

We are running out of option? @_@"

Think of it my dear friends.

With Love,
elims Chuang

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