Thursday, March 12, 2009

Smile (Magnet)

My surrounding really full of smile logo~~~ No wonder, me and family also like to smile smile smile~~

See, another existing smile detected~~!!! wakakkaakka~~

Some is original, some is cetak rompak de....浑水摸鱼~ notice? hahaha..

“要成功要懂得先做人”。 我也正努力的学习,现在在还没成功前,我也在‘做’人中!! 希望可以‘做’多多人出来。。。

Who did that?

After deep investigation carried out by interviewing, studying, searching, surfing net, forcing, scanning and hitting, i found the 'one'~!!

The person who did that is....deng deng deng deng~~~

Chuang Kuang Haw 庄光豪~~

"I am preparing to go interview, you still frightening me... later i become blank and laosai ma siap!!! xu xu xu...."

"No worry, smile~~~~"

‘起’ already....

Will continue hunt for smile~~ 继续‘’下去~~ haha~~ ^_^

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