Wednesday, March 11, 2009

甲洞搵到食茶餐室 - 咖喱鱼头 Kepong - Curry Fish Head

我喜欢又便宜又好吃的东西~~ 来,介绍你们这个好料~~ Targeting Cheap but Delicious food!!

Located at Kepong Wangsa Permai.

>click photos to enlarge<
Front View. Maybe you have seen this restaurant before.

Opps~~ Ngam ngam taken this photos, just for support our mother tongue language~~!! 不管父语母语,大雨小雨,还是风风雨雨,华语依然是我们最亲爱的用语。

Yeah~~ After waiting... Yum Yum~~ 想到都流口水,明天又去吃!!lol..

Cost as below:
Smallest pot = RM 8 (can cater 2 person)
Biggest Pot = RM 24 (can cater 5 person)
Rice = RM 0.80/plate (a lot of rice)


Delicious: 9/10 (rank 2nd so far, 1st in JB 龙香)
Cost: 9/10 (not expensive)
Speed of serving: 6/10 (need to take some time)

Comments: Its tasty, especially the curry paste! 咖喱汁很香很好喝~~ @_@" Just the fish head flesh is not so much,鱼肉少了些,但鱼头也不是很多肉的啦,对吗?哈哈~~ Recommended!!

With Love,
elims Chuang 光宏


Marciana said...

I heard.. from my teacher.. got one shop.. the pot didn't wash for 10yrs =.=
But very nice they say.. masuk tv gok >.<

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

I dun think is this stall gua, because i can remember the pot is quite clean, everytime we also finish all the kuah until nearly lick the pot~~

if got customer like me, sure the pot wont become dirty even use up to 10

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