Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nutrition Module

Today module is basically about nutrients, weight management and eating right and healthily

As usual - today module is sponsored by GNC - which stand for General Nutrient Centre.

A few topic covered was what to eat, what not to eat, how much to eat and what how much to skip and why cant i be thin even though i exercise daily?

1 interesting question raised was: does a man drink a lot of soya bean a lot make him 'shoot less' ? Answer in next update.

Goodies include a shoe bag and a pen, but wait, this is not a normal pen.

This is an entendable pen !! interesting??

Whats inside was a pill box - Rm 10.90, a Vitamin C - Price n/a, and a energy drink - Rm 8
The best part ? Its us for free !
Just too bad i cant win the lucky draw with even more attractive price.
Next module - Transporter training, ops !
I mean defensive driving. Cap and tshirt have been given. Lets wait for Nissan to teach how to 'piu yee'
Ops, i mean, how to tackle a corner professionally.

Elims - no idea why blogspot so hate this picture, i did not take it this way. it turn automatically when i upload it. If u can work your magic, pls help me put back at the correct angle

Protoss, Done!

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