Sunday, March 29, 2009

Experience of Being Dark.

8:30pm, offline~

Taken in dark. =)

Our Segamat Home on the right, already being switched off. (Wei...whose on top no off huh? @_@")

In dark. 伸手不见五指。。。

Darkness is something scary... 它们总喜欢黑夜?

Lighting is needed.

Different types but same aim, which to provide brightness.

This would feel better and more comfortable now. haha..

I slept for 1/2 hour till... 不知为何那么累,一躺就睡了。。

9:30pm, time's up! haha..

What is the lesson here? What we all learnt from this lesson? It depends.

Perhaps, it should be said by my little brother - Kuang Liang: "this earth need not only 1 hour".

But, this is a good start actually. We are not too late to wake up. The mother nature is still waiting patiently although her illness is getting worse from day to day.

Good luck, to all of us, to our future generation and the Mother Earth.

With love,
elims chuang


Marciana said...

I also got off light ar~~ hehe.. but is my ah ma wan one ..

elyn said...


elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

哈哈。。对对对! correct correct correct!

今晚就早点上床! 哈哈~~

Anonymous said...

lol ..busted XD

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