Saturday, March 7, 2009

Car Accidents.... TT

3/3/09 (Tuesday) - Raining heavily at KL, flood in some area...

Bumper to bumper from 5.15pm - 8.15 pm...Tired..

Driving till zzZZzzzzZZzz....

Suddenly.. baaannnngggg~~~!!! (not abang la..) @#z$@#z$@z@##

Crashed with a car branded Toyoto Wish... (can i make a wish?)

He ask me, "how come traffic so jam also will bang him de?"

"Sorry la bang, i agree the bang is so irritating, cause it wake me up either..."

Side View

Top View

Front View


Siap!! Just notice the front Tyre's cover is missing!!!! zzZZZzz


Reported to JPJ, but what lucky was when i met an officer named En.XXXXX that recommended me to meet Cik XXXX, later Cik XXXX released me without "awarding" me with Saman (RM 300).

I will remember them; kind, friendly and understanding officers.

Reveal of the Police Report that avoid me from the RM 300 fine. (click to enlarge)

Apart from that, please do more charity, it helps! 布施会让你更快乐,生活更轻松顺利~

More important, my close friend - AhSing, that help me throughout the hard time, really appreciated.

Thanks friend for your concern. I am still alive ^_^

Dun forget to buy 5608!!! (mu3 lou1 dou1 fa4, in cantonese meaning no need to work also can become rich...lolx) If not kena dun come and scold me...@_@"; If kena, must belanja me...wakakka..

With Love,
elims Chuang


DeeBuG said...

aiyoyo, then the wish how ya?

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

His Toyota Wish need to be repaired for about RM 700++ lor...

not much also la..cause will be paid by insurance ma.. me also no money for him.

But that is his friend's car.. @_@". I heard that he maybe need to pay extra RM 100++ wor.. not sure about this.

Kesian him and me.. @_@"

DeeBuG said...

this lesson is
don't sleep and drive

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

Another lesson is, when sleepy, cont talk phone and drive ^_^

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