Monday, March 9, 2009

Record of the Week.

Dear Readers & Visitors / 各位乡亲父老 / 同事同志同学:

Thanks for your support lately. Your continuously support of my (our) blog, is really motivating me (us) to move further, and write more, share more, 继续吹水..


您的大恩大德,小弟只有用此部落格为您继续大报小报,什么都报;大写小写,什么都写~~ (又不知再发什么神经了。。。)

别人说,海南人十个九个颠,我觉得。。。还剩下的一个是“xiao”的。。我这么会“”,应该也是唯一的那个吧~~ 哈哈~ (老人家别生气哦,生气会变得短命的。。多活几年,多看几个孙会更好不过哦~~)

Updating you all the status / progress this week and previous weeks.

Daily visitors count.

The highest visit's week record so far i could recall. 虽然不多,但比上不足比下有余吧~~哈哈~~

Record according to country. UK? New Zealand? Brunei? lol...

If you got any feedback(s), complain(s) or suggestion(s), welcome anytime, anyhow send to me (us). Appreciated on that.

Hope to give you all more update / news on anything i (we) face and feel love to share~~

我会继续“”下去~~ Thanks ya. smile smile~~

p/s: This is the visitor counting system by nuffnang.

with love,
elims Chuang

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