Friday, June 27, 2008

Marriage Story - Part 5: Lunch Time

Few Guards has been employed to ensured all people safety~!
From left: Kotd88 (behind), Bugs, Abuthen, KuangHaw.

Dear, dun do that in public please, i go no "image" jor lor~~
Wei... play so many players meh? siap lor... terpaksa smile embarrassingly too.. @_@"
Act cute~~!!
Please give more donationsss, i will help to increase the "workersss" for this country in future, Good for you, Good for me too~~~ ^_^
OK dear..people calling for us jor....jom~~
Many love to sing..
"有一个,美丽的小女孩, 她的名字,叫做婉欣..." @_@
I can sing... I can sing~~!!!
Many singerss has come out here, bringing the hope to become Malaysia Idol in coming days.. What i just can say is "Good Luck"~~ lol..

Lol... paiseh... run tune liao... sorry ya~~ >.<"
OUr beloved papa mama~~
"We born different day different place, but same day same time having the ceremony together... Good good~"

Standing (from left): Kuang Yen, Me, SiawLing, Kuang Liang
Sitting (from left): SiawLing's father, Siawling's mother, my mother, my father, my eldest uncle (father brother), uncle's wife.

Standing (from left): Me, SiawLing, KuangHaw, KuangMing, HengMian, KuangKuang and his son HuiYuan (庄辉源).
Sitting (from left): Siaw Fong, Singapore my nephew (世康), "Abo" eldest aunt (father's sister), 2nd uncle (father brother), 2nd uncle's wife, WanShing (堂哥大嫂).

Standing (from left): KuangYaw's wife, KuangYaw, KuangYaw's daughter, Maiyin, KuangSiang.
Sitting (from left): Abo, Maiyang, SiawLan, Siawlan's daughter.

Standing (from left): Mama, Uncle Poh's wife, Me, Ling, ChewMin (KuangYong's gf)
Sitting (from left): Kude, Kimnin, PeiTian, Abo (Mother eldest sister), BoDeh (Abo's husband), Uncle Poh, Papa, KuangYong

Standing (from left): Me, Ling, AhGue 姐, LongHui, MeiHui's sister, Meihui's sister bf.
Sitting (from left): Rojer, SiawQing晓清, SiawKim晓晶, YunHui, WeiChen, KuangCherng.

Standing (from left): Peihuan, XiaZheng夏震, Ahao, FangXian, Yenyang延洋.
Sitting (from left): ZhiChuan, Jiehui洁慧, Chinyen镜源, "星星", 星星2nd's sister, 星星3rd's sister.

Standing (from left): Me, Ling, Ahuan, Waiter (lol...), KuangKuang and son.
Sitting (from left): Mr. Liew, Mrs. Liew, Mrs. Lee, Mr. Lee, Ayee's husband, Ayee.
^_^Many happy returns... (When is the next time for me? @_@)
Thanks for all family and friends who has turn up. Although it is simple, but its fun for me to have this ceremony being organized in "a bit" proper way.

Good luck to all~

smile smile,
elims Chuang


rice said...

好幸福~ ↖(^ω^)↗

雖然只跟你見過一次面,(應該是一次而已吧)可是感覺卻像老朋友一樣,看到你結婚,自己也覺得好高興咧.... 祝福祝福!

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

是啊。。。 有缘份嘛~~


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