Friday, June 20, 2008

Marriage Story - Part 1: Preparation

Make up the car first~ An Experience Expert cost RM 5,000/day is called to complete this mission. ^_^
2nd, make up on people...
So many advisors? need ma? Wei you, employ you not for see see nia, buat kerja cepat..
Done in 15 minutes~ Professional ma, sure very fast, contact me if you are looking for one... guarantee handsome~ ^_^
Other brothers, all fast get ready~ fast fast~~ just 2 minutes to reach night.
All very hungry already, get the food ready girls~~
My mom like one people = 5 people~~ *salute* (世上只有妈妈好~~ haha~)
Ei, faster lor, time is mana~~ still so relax so more...
Walaoyeh, wont stop eating de.... how many plate you need to make your stomach full oh? @_@
Hey little dude, give me some luck, i give u chili.... arrrr..... open mouth la, why just keep shut? This chili taste like tomato source one~~
Opppss... My stoking?? Got hole de? ventilation?
Hey, auntie, if you dun mind.... i am mind.... see your hand...
Aiya, no tie wor.... wei borrow one please... this so cute can la, no time to think and choose already~~
My bow is ready~~
Plan A, we.... ; Plan B, we......; Plan C, we..... Plan D, no idea jor, we get a new girl then... T_T
Hey, brother...siap lor, this is the flower you bring? what can i say somemore?
Hey, i give you RM 200 you get me this? if she dun want this, i will pass her to you then... no eye see... v_V
Nvm la, do some decoration ba~~ create one red ribbon first~~
Bring cake, girl love cake, give them a BIG XXLL size one, make sure they eat full full, make the negotiation process will become easier.... wakakka~~
Yeah, all done, let go~~

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