Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Football Lover~

If you like to watch Football Match outside, I have a suggestion for you... I am quite sure, you have seen this somewhere...
Yes, McDonald~~ Seems not many today... Maybe NOT a HOT match..
See, Proudly Malaysian (what name liao huh?) is giving his views on the match~~
What we waiting?? Hehe, that right!!! The goal!! Too bad, just score one.... T_T
Once there is any goal in game, you will be given one coupon per person watching. Check out the expire date: 31/3/09, long long way to go... You are free one fries with any purchase.
If you are poor like me, i suggest you to get the cheapest item in McDonald, which is ice-cream~~ just RM1, and you can get a free one Medium size fries liao~~
Haha~~ Enjoy match at McDonald ba~~ And pray the game many goalssss~~!!! hahahaha...

elims Chuang
Disclaimer: I am not promoting McDonald, in fact, i love to eat at KFC nowadays. Just feel want to share one more alternative for those who like to watch football outside. ^_^

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