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What will you DO before the End of the Day?世界末日已不遥远?

Some of us may receive this, which i feel it should be shared here.

The following prophecies are translated from a Japanese webpage using a mixture of Google Translate Beta and Yahoo Babel Fish by Juseleeno (Jucelino) Da Roose.

June 2008

  • magnitude 6.3 earthquake in Osaka, Japan
  • typhoon strikes Japan; leads to widespread distress and many problems
  • magnitude 7.3 earthquake occurs in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • massive floods in China due to hurricanes, thousands of people dead; at the same time, typhoons hit Bangladesh and the Philippines
  • major hurricane strikes Caribbean; Mexico and Jamaica will be hardest hit
  • tornadoes strike America's Texas state

July 2008

  • powerful typhoon to hit Japan
  • magnitude 8.1 earthquake strikes Philippines on July 18, thousands of people killed
  • magnitude 6.9 earthquake occurs in Chile
  • insurgency in Algeria; a magnitude 7.1 earthquake strikes the capital

August 2008

  • magnitude 6.5 eathquake close to Tokyo, Japan
  • major typhoons to strike Japan, China and South Korea; lead to a lot of casualties and countless left homeless
  • magnitude 8.2 earthquake to hit Pakistan's Kashmir

September 2008

  • massive 9.1 magnitude earthquake may hit China and result in millions of potential deaths; if it doesn't happen in China, it may hit Japan's Nagoya Tokai, leaving 600 people dead and more than 30,000 houses destroyed
  • Empire State Building in New York attacked by terrorists
  • China experiences serious water shortages on a massive scale due to droughts; China faces unprecedented economic crisis
  • train accident in India

Nov 2008

  • vaccine against the HIV virus appears, bringing hope to mankind. :
  • an American university under attack; more than 20 people dead; same thing happens in Norway
  • increase in number influenza cases in Japan and appearance of the subtype 9 strain; new cases in Indonesia, South Korea and China;

Dec 2008

  • devastating forest fires in California due to intense heat waves
  • abnormal ocean current movements at North Atlantic Sea and the Gulf Stream (disturbances to the Great Conveyor Belt) bring about large seasonal variations; may trigger a "regional ice age" in surrounding areas (Europe)
  • magnitude 6.6 earthquake in Colombia; magnitude 7.9 earthquake in Mexico; magnitude 7.4 earthquake in Sumatra; widespread damage
  • influenza causes concern in Japan and South Korea
  • blizzards in US and Europe


  • 25th January: massive earthquake of magnitude 8.2 in Kobe, 50 million casualties.
  • February: massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake in San Francisco, USA
  • 24th August: magnitude 8.9 (8.2?) earthquake in Turkey's southwest; Istanbul devastated
  • 25th August: magnitude 8.2 earthquake in Lijiang, China
  • 3rd September: America's largest hurricane since Katrina to strike New Orleans
  • November: major earthquake in Japan, thousands of people dead
  • 16th December: magnitude 7.8 (7.3?) earthquake in Sumatra


  • 20th January: magnitude 7.1 earthquake in Colombia
  • 14th May: a magnitude 7.7 earthquake in Tokyo
  • 15th June: U.S. stock market collapses; world economy in crisis
  • 15th September: massive 8.4 magnitude earthquake in Tokyo (Great Kanto Earthquake)
  • 2nd November: a magnitude 7.9 earthquake in Algeria.
  • average temperature reaches 59 degrees in Africa, serious water shortages.
  • impact of sea level rise begins to be felt in coastal areas around the world
  • some people beginning to change their mindsets; spirituality becomes more important; transformation of cultural values (意识改变)


  • 17th February: a magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Afghanistan
  • global warming accelerates; bush/forest fires rampant
  • serious water shortages in Middle East due to an outbreak of war
  • Japan's economy is failing
  • 8th October: effective cancer treatment discovered; a new virus "Els" appears
  • outbreak of bird flu epidemic kills up to 73 million people by 2013


  • 31st July: volcanic eruption in Krakatau in Indonesia begins; expect a huge explosion by 2015
  • magnitude 8.9 earthquake in Osaka; results in large numbers of casualties
  • widespread desertification causes large parts of Amazon to disappear within the next 20 years

6th December: unusual weather patterns around the world; plagues by infectious diseases signify the beginning of human extinction.


  • effective treatment of cancer (except brain tumour) achieved
  • November 1: La Palma volcanic eruption on Canary Islands; could
    trigger up to 150-meter high tsunami across the Atlantic; American east coast including Florida devastated
  • Sea-level rise on United States east coast; enormous damage brought about by tsunami


  • civil unrest in large parts of Africa and Asia due to water shortages
  • scientists discover that Asteroid (2002 NT7) might be on a collision course with Earth


  • April: major drought and serious water shortages on the European continent
  • average summer temperature in Japan reaches an unprecedented 58
    degrees Celsius
  • Explosion of Krakatau volcano in Indonesia brings about serious repercussions in world weather
  • November 26: the world's average temperature reaches 59 degrees Celsius; people worldwide begin to panic with widespread civil unrest
  • November 28: magnitude 7.7 earthquake occurs in Naples, Italy; thousands of casualties


  • major typhoon in CHANCHU (Pearl), China; thousands of people dead


  • heavy rains and floods in Europe and the Philippines; leads to thousands of deaths and refugees
  • severe drought around the world leads to national confrontation over access to clean water, especially in Asia and Africa; widespread famine and epidemics due to sustained drought
  • October 4: average temperature in Africa reaches 60 degrees Celsius
  • Japan and China to replace the old capitalist economic system with a new one


  • Scientists establish that Asteroid 2002 NT7 has 60 percent chance of colliding with the Earth
  • intense air pollution around the world results in a new epidemic
  • May 16: a magnitude 7.6 earthquake occurs in Iran, about 4,000 casualties
  • June 21: a magnitude 10.6 gigantic earthquake in Japan's Tokai region
  • October 19: a magnitude-8.1 earthquake in El Salvador; thousands of people dead


  • whether we can avert the asteroid collision depends on the power of science and mindsets of the people
  • Bird flu pandemic has already resulted in more than 73 million deaths
  • 23 May: a magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurs in Russia


  • 14 May, a magnitude-7.3 earthquake in Afghanistan; thousands of people killed and countless refugees
  • 15 August: California magnitude 7.1 earthquake; thousands of people dead; prelude to the eventual collapse of the San Andreas fault


  • 7 October: magnitude 8.7 earthquake in Mexico; 20,000 people perish
  • South America (Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, northern and southern Brazil) and Europe (Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Austria and Russia) facing severe drinking water shortages; agriculture is no longer sustainable.
  • Disappearance of glaciers due to global warming in the Andes in Latin America further aggravates the problem


  • 7 June: a massive 9.1 magnitude earthquake occurs in Peru, South America; leads to collapse of the coastline


  • February 9, U.S. San Francisco earthquake of 8.9 magnitude; thousands of people dead


  • October 6: a magnitude-7.4 earthquake in southern India will occur
  • December 11: a magnitude-7.5 earthquake in Russia will occur
  • High temperature of 74 degrees Celsius to be experienced in certain regions of the world


  • 9 August: a magnitude 6.8 earthquake in the southeastern part of Greece will occur


  • July 17: a 10.8 magnitude unprecedented super powerful earthquake on the U.S. West Coast; rupture of San Andreas fault in California; volcanic eruptions and huge tsunami will be triggered; millions of casualties (dubbed The Big One)


  • November 26: major volcanic eruption in Yellowstone in US; millions of casualties; may trigger "Ice Age" in the United States
  • desertification of Amazon in South America intensifies


  • Venice, Italy to disappear into the sea


  • volcanic eruptions become more frequent around the world; many islands and coastal regions will disappear
  • September 24: the Netherlands disappears into the sea
  • Asteroid "99942 Apophis" discovered to be on a collision course with the ill-fated planet Earth; impact equivalent to 100,000 times Hiroshima-type atomic bombs. From Wikipedia

    "Most experts agree that Apophis warrants closer scrutiny, and to
    that end, in February 2008 the Planetary Society awarded $50,000 in
    prize money to companies and students who submitted designs for space
    probes that would put a tracking device on or near the asteroid."


  • September 28: volcanic eruptions and a gigantic 9.8 magnitude earthquake in Japan


  • November: asteroid "Apophis" slowly approaching Earth. Scientists establish an 80% chance of a possible collision with Earth. This crisis is brought about by mankind today**


  • Ecosystem in Australia and New Zealand destroyed; rivers begin to disappear


  • 80 percent of the Antarctic ice disappears; worldwide sea level rising dramatically
  • forest fires rampant in Europe; high-temperature causes disappearance of the Alps
  • September 17: a rift fault between coast of South America's Amazon and the east coast of India forces the African continent to split into two; an 800 m high, gigantic tsunami travelling at a speed of 800 km/hour will hit America; several million casualties
  • as a result, the southern half of the African continent sinks and the world experiences about 300 meters of sea level rise and many islands and peninsulas will disappear
  • November 26, major quake on the American West Coast from Seattle to San Diego

The events are all stated so clearly come with time. I not sure how true or reliable with all the statement. It is very scary right? If all of this becoming real, i think we are not very far from THE DAY on this planet.

we are demanding too much compare with what we actually need (需要的很少,想要的却很多), that has become the root cause of many problems. We want to become very very rich (so, that mean, more and more people is going to become poorer and poorer); We want to eat as much as possible (so, the limited supply of food is becoming harder and harder to cover our humans needs); We want to have a big home (so, the land is going to be occupied by houses, not the tree, pollution is worsen); etc etc...

Everyday, We just want this, want that. Have we ever think of: "what is our earth's desire, wish and need?
Dun you hear, our earth is crying? Dun you feel, our earth health is worsen day by day? Dun you notice, our earth has expressing his pain? Dun you ever appreciate, our earth have serve as good as his can to ensure our survivability every moment?

All dear friends, please think of it.
We are sharing the same boat, the boat sink, you sink, i sink.

Appreciate your time for reading, imagine, and find for the ways.

With Love,
elims Chuang

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