Friday, June 27, 2008

Marriage Story - Part 4: Back to home base

kotd88, so clever ar you, so small already know volunteer yourself to "help" other~ Tell you dear, since this is the voluntary work, you just get "angpao" (only containing "thank you" note...wakakak~~)
Ei? i thought got people taking umbrella for us de? I thought really "raja sehari"? So hot also not "sekdo"? My biggest challenge: open shoes.... take 3 minutes to do the research, take 5 minutes to find the way.....
3 more minutes to take deep breath and rest after successfully open it... @_@"
Last minutes need Buddha blessing.... >.<... Wish you dun mind~~ (Also "pay visit" to orang tua that had gone to the other world..)
Time to drink tea papa mama~~ (all senior also got free drink from us)
But not actually free, need to pay back something which is 1000X cost much of the tea itself...hehe...
Ok, for those who want to take angpao, line up, call dailou~~
Lolx.... the youngest boy for our next generation also not forget to greet us by saying #$%$%^&^*.. not really understand what he said...
Come, roll here roll there~ turn here turn there~ wish bring your "cousin" come to this world asap~~ lol..
Taking a photos in our room before saying byebye to beloved daughter and sister... sad ya~~ haha~~ ^_^

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