Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Marriage Story - Part 6 (Final) : Marry in Office.

Few days after 7/6/08, my office organize a special ceremony for us. See.... this happen in CIDB office? Cant really imagine this could happen in our life.. lol.
Stupid look... but funny as well..
En. Suhaimi Arifin, MC of the day, Organize everything, gathering man power, and make this event so so good order~
En. Megat giving some flowers~~ haha~ (Ops..he is Senior General Manager, consider 3rd man in CIDB already now...@_@")
En. Rohaizi, my lovely and funny boss~ haha~~ ^_^
Pn. Ida, another department head giving wishes~
Ir. Sia Han See, the Man who bring me into CIDB, the man, who always helps me front and behind, openly and quietly.
My just kind "ex-boss", En. Mohd Noor~
Wan Nordin, Chief Operating Officer of Academi Binaan Malaysia giving wishes.
Dear tina, newbie in CIDB just like me.. She said giving food for chickens~~ @_@"
Cutting the pulut merah~
Showing Appreciation to everyone who help making this event so special, unique, successful and meaningful for us.
Doa recitation~ Wish everyone all the best~~ ^_^
Thanks everyone for attending... Really feel so touched.. T_T..
Lol.. so many types of expression.. Tension, happy, smiling, berangan-angan, looking other funny this combination...
Ops..typical gift by CIDB, so big and so heavy~~ anyone want? contact me, negotiate the price~~ hahahah~~
Thanks for stay tune for my funny and lovely story~~ Your support is indeed giving more energy to push forward.

Sincerely wish that you all can get a right person at the right timing~

All the best~

With Love,
elims Chuang

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