Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tomok, You know him? 你懂他吗?

I dun know him~

He dun know me either~

But we just had been shoulder to shoulder.

With Tomok.
和他 - ‘Tomok’。

Dun know him too? read here: New Straits Times. (edited, thanks yumiehaven)
还不知道他是谁? 读这里:翱宇翔游

Still dun know? Not much i can do for you...


Make a guess why and how?

The story behind... update 7/5/09

Actually I went to Youth 09 in 15/1/09 at PWTC, KL.

his event was officially supported by Ministry of Youth and Development of Malaysia.

That time there are so many youth going to that event, i went there because i wish to study more about youth (seems like i no longer 'youth' TT)

There are lot companies, government bodies and entrepreneurs that opened up their counter in that program.

Suddenly i see something that attracted me - Free Drink!!
突然我发现一个非常吸引我的东西 - 免费饮品!!
Malta Quench was doing their promotion and giving out drink for FREE!
Malta Quench 当时在做宣传所以派发很多免费的饮料!

For those who know me, i wont feeling shy/shame on asking something that is free from others. :p
那些认识我的人都知道我跟别人‘讨’东西是不会‘脸红’的。。。 :p

I had requested for 5 tins!

I got not enough hands to hold, but i did have my wife's beg!! (that is why wife for~ hehe)
手不够拿不要紧,还有老婆的袋袋!! (只是老婆存在的价值之一~嘿嘿)

I continued walking around to spot any foods, souvenir, begs, pens that could be given for FREE.

Until i saw, there are a young guy who standing on the stage singing (a song that i had forgotten @@").
直到我发现有个看似乖巧的男孩站在台上唱歌 (当时在唱什么歌我都给忘了...)

I felt so pity to him that he so tired singing with so less supporters...

With that i took out 1/5 tin of Malta Quench and passed to him.
我赶紧拿出‘我的’ Malta Quench灌装水交了给他。

And taken a photos with him~~

That is why and how, I got this photos...haha~
这是为什么我会有这张照片。。 哈哈~

After Tomok finished singing, there was another singer came on stage that look so familar to me but i cant really recognized who is him... someone would clarify for me?
当Tomok唱完后,有位歌手也跟着登台。 很熟悉,但却不能确认他是谁。 有人认识吗?

By the way i not given him anymore drink, because I love Malta drink too! haha..


So who is Tomok actually?

He is the winner of One in A Million!
他是‘百万分之一’的大赢家!One in a Million is Malaysia's first ever reality singing competition to offer a RM 1,000,000 prize to the winner. The 3rd season on in a Million (check out the official website click here), which was aired from 23 January to 1 May, 2009, was won by Tomok (Shah Indrawan Ismail), the first male and first established artiste to do so. (from Wikipedia)
‘百万分之一’是马来西亚第一家颁发RM1,000,000奖金给胜利者的游戏。这已是第三期的大赢家是Tomok (真正的名字:Shah Indrawan Ismail).

So, he is already a Millionare at his age 25! haha~

Tomok's profile 个人资料

Not sure who is this? Become famous already?
不知这是谁? 出名了吗?

Maybe people that been taken photo with me will gain the luck?

Think too much, joking only~ haha!

Good luck to him!

With Love 因为爱,
elims Chuang 光宏


Marciana said...

Who is Tomok?? =.=
Why his name so weird one >.<

Marciana said...

I go see the news liao... Why you can take picture with him one??? :|

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

oic!! you know who is him already~ good!

Guess how i taken photo with him la..hehe..

He is Millionaire now. This photo maybe can cost about 10% of that figure. @@"

stacey said...

who is tomok???

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Tomok should be a popular star now. I heard people say that he started singing since he was in very young age. If you got Malay friend, you may ask them, they all know~ haha. =)

Marciana said...

Erm... is he your relative? or... erm... you photoshop the photo.. stick your face in it?? =.=
if u got 10% of the one million can give me 10% of ur 10%?? which is 10k =D

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Lol... So funny leh!

I would reveal how this photos is taken tonight. :p

Its real, no doubt. ^_^

natasha said...

Watch Natsha Naked!

yumiehaven said...

ps ps.. new straits times brother.. XD

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Thanks yumie for your correction. =)

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