Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Darling appears in China Press 老婆大人晓玲上中国报

2 days ago i just shared story about Pay Tax at Last Day, and interviewed by reporter from China Press and Sin Chew Daily. I thought I will be 'published' in paper soon.
两天前写关于最后一天报税的故事。当时被星洲日报和中国报记者询问, 我还以为我即将见报了。

Cant forget I was in paper after joining the Treasure Hunt Game organized by China Press last week.

Surprisingly, something unexpectedly happen.

Labour day - 1/5/09 at China Press
劳动节当天的报纸 - 1/5/09 与中国报雪隆版

The last page

Wow, so big! The photos and the stomach. :p
哇,那么大的照片和那么大的肚皮. 嘻嘻~

Specially thanks to reporters and the future baby - Chuang Hui Keat. haha...
特别感谢记者的多多关照,还有未来小宝宝 - 庄辉杰!哈哈~

Next time I think i shall wait till last minute only making payment so that got chance to meet reporters again! haha..

updates 4/5/09 - China Press dot com
特别鸣谢 淼云 Special thanks to Miao Foon

With Love 因为爱,
elims Chuang 庄光宏


CH Voon said...


Good to hear that!

Aiya.. i forget to buy newspaper on that day!

you have a lot friend - reporter??

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

No la, just happen like we have the faith 有缘份.

But from here, i know more reporter friends. Next time can look for them to get more information. They are very resourceful person.

If you need any reporter friend, i can intro to you too. Almost have all (Chinese) newspaper company friends.

Marciana said...

i think the last time i masuk newspaper is... when i get money from hokkien association for pmr result =.= but so small.. my face smaller than 1cent coin.. no colour gok.. but can see is me la, i stand in front =p

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

wow marciana, You also pandai cari makan hoh! good!

Next time when ppl take photo,

1. stand front.
2. stand middle.
3. stand still.
4. stand smile.

Sure people will put your photo! hehe..

Keyword said...

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zhai lun said...

good luck and have a smooth delivery. :)

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Wa.. Zhai Lun also coming.. >.<"

Thanks ya~ ^_^

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