Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chin Yen Open House update 镜源家请吃最新详情

Plate 碗碗碟碟

800 pices otak-otak, eat all you can! 来自麻玻的鲤鱼包,任你吃!

Tiger, Carlsberg, drink all you can.啤酒,不醉不归!

No worry of the security, we got 'wendy'! 放心,最佳防守都已戒备!

Time is insufficient, fast fast~ (From left: Chinyen mama, eldest sister and youngest sister) 时间不够了,快快~

100 chairs, 10 tables moved from 3 stories building. 100张椅子10张桌子从三层楼搬下来,辛苦。 (搬上去的时候。。。。更惨!)

Chinyen eldest brother 镜源大哥 -真有型!

Make sure no people 'jatuh longkang' 确保没人在下雨是被龙沟水冲走~

Warming the otak-otak 弄热

Ready for drink! 准备饮水~

Ready to eat

Yeah, time to eat~ 耶,终于是时候吃了~

More than 120 people turned up for free food! 超过120人出席!

Malaysia vs China Surdiman Cup 2009. 大妈对中国苏迪曼杯2009

All concentrating eating~ 大家都集中精神吃吃吃~

After been long time no see~ 不见多时的朋友~

Zibing and his gf? 子斌&?

Where is other? 还有其他的呢?

Chinyen colleges! Siew Lee also inside~ 镜源和他的同事~

Men in black, come in black! ‘黑金黑金越看越如心?’

Late comers - Yenyang (Botak head) and ZhongHuang. 迟到者延样宗煌。

Punishment: Washing and cleaning! 惩罚:洗大饼。

More news see here 更多详情: Chin Yen Open House 镜源新居入伙

With Love 因为爱,
elims Chuang 光宏


jasmine_pzj said...


CH Voon said...

wooo cool...

Take more photos who get drunk and show here hahahaha

Marciana said...

I want to eat otak otak....

Issac Tan said...

hehe... ^^

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Jasmine, 真的太多了,喝不完~

CHVoon, no people drunk, cause all very 乖.

Marciana, imported from Muar, Johor! Delicious~ haha~

Issac Tan, 下次去邦咯岛时你要请我喝哦~ 我要tiger! @@"

tikno said...

I like "otak-otak"

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Tikno, ya, our family love it too~ if go muar, this is what we will look for~ ^_^

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