Friday, May 15, 2009

After one year... 一年了。。。

Wow, already one year since 13/5/2009 I've started my blogging life.
哇!一年就这样过去了。 第一个张贴是于去年5月13日开始的. (刚好是513~ 好日子~ 好的开始是成功的一半! @@")

First post and number of post so far


167 posts / 365 days,

= 0.45 post / day


Thank family & friends for your warm support.
谢谢家人、朋友一路以来的给于支持. (很多人都选择低调的支持...)

Your comment and feedback so far are really appreciated!
您留下的脚印,给于的评语、鼓励让我继续不停的写到今天~ (每天,有时间就是想写部落格... >.<")

Through blogging, i learn lot of things, and know lot friends.
写部落格让我学到很多事,也让我认识了不少朋友. (原来部落格的世界,也是很大的.)

Feel great and happy, i am one of the blogger.
很高兴,我能成为部落格的一份子. (虽然到头来依然只还是默默无名的草民..哈哈!)

If you need any assistance to start blogging, i would love to help.
若您想要开始部落格,我会来者不拒的给于您协助. (一路上,也已上了很多贵人)

I will continue to share anything which is worth to put on here.
我会继续分享我的故事、和一些值得分享的事. (还有一些38的事)

Enjoy you days~

p/s: Special thank to protoss, who is consider the most loyal, pro & handsome supporter of this blog. Thanks thanks thanks!

Protoss : U are welcome my dear friend


A Must in Blog 部落格少不了的东西
1. Chat Box 留言板
(allow people leave any message when they drop by 让路过的人都留下痕迹)

2. Search Box 巡视功能表
(provide a search engine specially for readers to look info your blog提供一个方便读者在您的部落格寻找他们想要的资料)
3. Visitors Count 计算表
(to know where your readers come from, and for own motivation了解您读者的来历,又能鼓励自己)
4. Topic category & blog achieve gadget 张贴分类功能
(declare what type of posts you sharing 像目录这样,读者知道您写些什么课题)

Blogger should know this 部落格份子必知
1. Blogger Help Group 部落格求助组
(whenever meet problem, here is the place to get technical support当你遇上问题时,这里的专家能迅速的为您解决)

My Most Popular Post 我部落格最热爆的课题
1. 给老婆的一封情书
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2. 拥抱1027之夜 - 13 responses
3. Economy Crisis - Water Saving - 12 responses 留言




With love 因为爱,
elims Chuang 光宏


CH Voon said...

keep going on ... you can do it!

CH Voon said...

keep going on ... you can do it!

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Thanks CHVoon, you are doing great too!

lot thing to learn from you too. :)

jasmine_pzj said...


elims Chuang 光宏 said...

Jasmine_pzj, 谢谢谢谢~

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