Friday, May 1, 2009

Malaysian Love Pay Tax at Last Day 最后才一天报税的买来西亚人

30/4/2009 Due date to pay tax

After not able to login the, i got no choice but to go to the office to make payment.

Last Minutes, full of cars... @_@"
原来那么多人都选择‘最后冲刺’~ 哈哈!

Just to show my parking skill... lol

Signage showing all the way for e-filling

Wow, that is a lot of people!

No worry, there are officers assist you in case you do not how to use e-filling

Not sure how much i need to pay..

Feel lucky can be interviewed by reporters from China Press and Sin Chew Daily
又遇上中国报记者 (刘美萱),龙耀福乃来自星洲记者。 不知有没上报呢。。。哈哈~

Paying RM 122.72. Ok la... Proof how less is my salary. :p
须缴还 RM 122.72,还好吧。。。 证明薪水少得可怜,哈哈~

Ops.. my turn.

Wow, when come to payment stage, so empty! Seems i am already quite rich! haha..
哇,到要还钱时竟然哪么少人! 好像我也很有钱一下。。。哈哈!

Now you know who taking my photos so far

Is time to reward myself that able to pay in the very last minute
是时候奖励自己能在最后关键交换税务~ 嘿嘿~

Recommend you delicious food!

Located two rolls opposite of Sek. Men. Keb Taman Ehsan, Kepong

I prefer the 'ban mee' here

'Ban Mee' 板面
RM 4.70 (big 大), RM 3.7 (small 小).
Delicious 好吃程度: 8.5/10
Cost 价钱: 8/10 (worth to eat值得吃)
Serving speed上座速度: 8/10
Environment环境: - simple stalls 简单档口

See... so tasty!

After that, eat some icy 'junk food' at very hot time

什雪/ABC 冰/Ice Kacang
RM 2.20
Delicious 好吃程度: 8/10
Cost 价钱: 9/10
Serving speed 上座速度: 9/10
Comment: Love to eat! 喜欢吃!

With Love,
elims Chuang 光宏


CH Voon said...

aiyo... dont last minutes la.. next year... hehehe

You have high salary la..

I totally not need to pay tax at all hehehe but still they need to pay back some for me :P

next year u can deduce rm1000 for children!

Marciana said...

everybody oso last minute.. my mom also =.=
She last two day ask me open the online application one for her.. but too many people open, so cannot masuk =.=
Then she fill form till late late >.<

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

CHVoon, last year i not 'last minute' de, just 'last hour' nia...

Not high la, my college kena tax RM 10,000, more geng!!

Reduce RM 1000 but expenses will naik RM 500/month... @@"

Dear Marciana,

I went there cause no choice jor, cant login the internet too.. sad..

But now okleh, after paid, relief liao~ ^_^

CH Voon said...

next we try last 10 min okie heehehe

wah rm10k for tax... so good ar...

but i wonder should we pay some much tax? government misused our money la... use to send sohai to angkasan lepas???

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

lol, dun so 'rude' oh dear, i know the angkasawan de, i mean the next angkasawan~~ haha..

Yala, his salary must be very high, gov servant also can pay so much of tax. Somemore, he is one level lower than me, he get a lot of money through OT claims.

BooNMiNG said...

证明你的earning其实是above average了。。哈哈哈

elims Chuang 光宏 said...


谢谢你的visit boonming! ^^

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