Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Raya Holiday at Segamat

1/10/08 - 5/10/08, such a long holiday. Thanks to all muslim friends, because of them we got chance to have free holiday as well~ 谢谢你们,让我们有机会"有福同享"..哈哈...(还是有机可乘?哈哈~)

Part 1: Buying hopes


Wa... The first thing to do when reach home town! Buy for a hope!

"I will bet gaogao this time!" 等着迎财神吧~

So happy after buy the number. You will cry after the result come out tomorrow.. lol.. Later the Toto's boss will be happier! heheh.. 你们才是它真正的财神爷~~哈哈...

Part 2:Mahjong


Depending on the Toto is not enough, need to find other opportunities to increase own income.. @_@"

"Let the hunt begin~"

"飞!飞!飞!!" (Joker! joker! joker!)

Second Batch Gamblers!

Another Team~ Wanita Boleh! 妇女组~~

Moral of story: Dun play this too often, as a saying goes: "10 bet, 9 lost"~ lolx..

Part 3: Baby


庄辉源.Hobby: Eating~ Like father.

Hey, dun take my hat!

庄芷芯。 Hobby: Keep Quite. 正所谓,沉默是金,也是矜持~

Ya, dun smile! nice shot! @_@"

lol.. so cute this two babies.. 看来得叫他们怎么笑,微微笑~~哈哈~

"Let's kiss, believe me, i am still virgin~" @_@"

Part 4: KaraOK


Seldom see two girl singing wor.. 3 girls got la.. SHE~~ lolx..

"I can sing! I can sing!"

See Youtube Video on >>>"I can sing"<<<

"Ma de! $@#$@#$@#$@#, let me sing first la, i haven't finish la...zzZZzzZz"

Part 5: Dog Life

...Who let the dog out...?

"Who call me?"

"Sit sit sit..."

"Wanna challenge me? I love fight, show me your punch~ lai lai lai~"

"Let's promote peace~~"

"Dun want? Put you in jail then."

Part 6: BBQ


"First, foundation~"

"Then, basement..." @_@"

"Follow by fire~~"

It take about 15 minutes at least to make such a beautiful fire... 不能想象以前没有火柴、没有火种、没有煤炭是怎么起火的?

"Let spread all the arang batu evenly, is time to start our party!!"

"Ok next team --- cooking team...masuk baris~~"

Faster please, hungry jor~~

No worry, got so much "balls" waiting for you.. lol..

Can you finish this?

All BBQ is hot food~ Need something to balance up our heated body~~ 感觉好凉哦~啊哈~

For those who cant eat burning food, never mind, here you are~~ Steamboat... hehe..


Can you smell how delicious is it? haha~~

Walao... Who do this de? Rejected!

After that, i cant stop myself eating till forget i should be the camera man.. wakakkak..

That all which were recorded in the Raya Holiday, quite nice holiday actually, looking forward for Chinese New Year~~ ^_^

smile smile,
elims Chuang


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