Saturday, October 11, 2008

开NANGKA的日记。Nangka (Jackfruit), My fear.

Has been waiting for this moment since last weekend. The nangka eventually ripe. 怎么知道熟了呢?只要嗅到菠萝蜜发出阵阵的芬芳的就可以开刀咯~ 哈哈!

Preparing... 希望可以装得满满的! 哈哈~

Coat the knife with cooking oil will make it easier to be cleaned after used.

Here we go~ 美梦就要开始啦,自我安慰嘛。。。

Yeeerrr.. This is why i dun like Nangka. 黏黏的。。感觉很不爽!

一刀两半!你一半,我一半,感情永远不会散~~ 哈哈。。。

Next, clear off the Nangka stem.

Follow by the Nangka crust ... it is all very sticky, named 'sap'.. yeerrr.. T_T 我不入地狱,谁入地狱?

Dig dig dig.. 寻宝行动!

Taxing ratio: Dig 3, eat 1. 平衡心理中一路走来所受到的创伤。。。


Do you know the crust of fruit, or even the saki baki of fruit/vege is very useful? Please dun just simply throw it away...

Collect it...

Throw is into a bin, but not a dustbin..haha! People named this process as 'compost'. 华语应该是所谓的‘堆肥’。

After few weeks, all this will be 'digested' by microorganism and and can be used as free natural fertiliser. 这些肥料即天然又免费,丢掉不用可真是一种浪费天然资源呢!

This planet need more people like me to save the world... :p


Again, here is why i dun like to open nangka.... Love to eat, but dun like the opening and cleaning job.. T_T

Sticky knife, how to clean?

Aaahha! Here usis the trick--- use fire! 这可是家传秘方哦。。嘻嘻! (Can you see the stomach size at right?.. @_@")

Once you see the bubble is appearing... 赶快~~~

Take a piece of papper and wipe off all the sap... Careful, its hot! 真的很烫手哦!

You can put on some cleaning agent..

You will find it easier to wash it off. However, you may need to repeat the burning and cleaning process to clean it thoroughly.


Time to wash my beautiful hand... Use combination of oil (left) and cleaning agent (right). 先用油,后再加上些清洁剂~

In case there is below 10 year old kid reading this.... @_@"

Taaadaaa.... clean leh~~ 有人会看手相吗?可以看看有多少个老婆,孩子吗? @_@"


Hehe!! Time to enjoy!!

Want some? come my house i treat you. hehe~~

p/s1: In my life, i fear to open two kind of fruit. Another is pineapple.. T_T. 想到都有些恐惧~~ 但也总得下下地狱,挑战自我。。 哈哈!

p/s2: specially thanks to protoss for the english editing. =)

With Love,

elims Chuang

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