Sunday, October 12, 2008

甲洞甜品哥哥,Kepong Desert Hongkong

Not sure why this restaurant put their English name as Hongkong, sedangkan they are selling various type of desert? 哥哥甜品和香港有什么关系? 奇怪。。。

Located very near to Kepong Carrefour. 又是在甲洞的好料~ @_@"

Front view. 感觉还蛮好的。

You will be given a piece of paper containing all type of manisan. There are more than 140 selection!! 吃到你爽你都吃不完~~ 哈哈~

All the waitress are so pretty, although they are just in simple clothing! 信不信由你~ 尔。。。这又有什么关系? 哈哈。。。


芝麻糊 (Bijian)+杏仁糊(Almond)

Cost: RM 3.30

Rate: 9.0

Comment: For those who dislike to have sweet drink, you may wish to try this. I just feel it is a bit too small size for me. 怎么会吃的过瘾呢? :p 难道是物以稀为贵?

开心乐园, Happy garden?

Cost: RM9.00


Comment: An assortment of fruits including santan jelly (top right), De coco (below santan jelly), kiwi jelly (in green), pomelo, 'frog eggs' (dunknow how explain this in english and even The below is all real maggo and its juice. Feel that it is overating. 怎么会吃的过瘾呢? :p

Since there are still plenty of desert selection can be tried of, you may pay a visit anytime. 到时吃了其他好吃的记得要分享哦!


Opps, before i forget, 2 good things about this restaurant i would like to share are:

1. The gov tax and service tax are waived! Usually we will be charged for extra 15% tax. 算算看,也省下不少哦!

2. The service of the waitress is very polite. They are very good in recommending you with all the food in this restaurant accordingly. 女人,他们会特别介绍一些较有滋润效果的甜品,如木瓜木耳汤。

With Love,

elims Chuang


Oracle 欧洛格 said...


Oracle 欧洛格 said...





elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

哇~~ 那就真的有些过份,看来是'被修理'过了吧~~ 哈哈!!

Anonymous said...

this shop is not in the "Royal Malaysia Custom" which can collect service tax. But I found im still paying for the service tax.
con-man-shop! ban them!

verify with your own eyes

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

Thanks for your information!! curse those who cheated/cheating our money!! curse curse! ^_^

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