Monday, October 6, 2008

Just Lost My Hp and all the Contacts.

All dear friends,

Just lost my hp few days ago. I lost when went jalan-jalan in kebun Kelapa Sawit. Lucky previously i bought the world cheapest hp that cost RM 135. But the problem is, i lost all the contacts in my hp. 下回要加倍小心咯.. 二伯说,还好... 那'两粒'是粘着的,不然也会跟着不见了呢... T_T.

My new hp~~ Cheapest in market i think. Cost me another RM 150. That a lot for me!! T_T..

Kindly drop your contact here, or just message to my new hp, 017-7319899.

p/s: i wrongly post my hp number the day, kindly check back. Updated: 20/10/08.

Thanks thanks. ^_^

With Love,
elims Chuang

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