Thursday, October 23, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

Looking at the title, I heard many whispers and giggling of visitors that pays a visit to my blog. It seems like I can read their mind ‘how to go silent on a Halloween night ?

As easily as the question was ask, almost immediately I can reply to them ‘by going with a Nokia Xpressmusic phone of course!

Why Nokia Xpressmusic Halloween? I tell you later on I replied.

But how, they asked. Easy…I answered. ‘by accepting the invites from Nuffnang.

Visitors: Nuff-what?

It’s easy. Why easy? You see I have done everything imaginable in this world. I conquer the highest of the mountain, deepest of seas, when bungee jumping, dirt bike racing, yes I am a quite an adventurous guy. My last Halloween experience, which is having intercourse all night still fresh in my mind. No doubt it’s the time of the year again when creepy crawlies, witches, broomstick, Dracula, apple candy, some scary spirits & not to forget our Jack O’ Lantern and skeleton will make their way out…to our real world.

Picture grabbed from tunkuaisha.

I had been to Everest, 3 years back. The expedition nearly took my life, but what the heck; nothing is guaranteed in this world right? Sometimes, thing are either you have it or you don’t. It was pretty cold & we are lost and hungry. 5 of us are stranded when our path was covered by snow. No, we did not eat our friend’s flesh to survive. We are not directing any zombie flick. We endure the harsh coldness till the day is bright, when search party come & rescue us. Coming back, I feel like bigger & stronger – feels like a barbarian warrior coming down from highland.

Let’s travel to the deepest of sea. Imagine diving with shark swimming beside you? Fuu…I tell you, the moment the whale shark swam across me, yes you heard it right, a whale shark. By the way it’s harmless. The moment the shark swam beside when I was diving, you can feel that, at those seconds, how significant you are. Any split seconds, the creature could gobble you up and that’s it.

Picture grabbed from IMDb.

That was last year, when it was my 22 years old; it was memorable because unlike anybody else, who went to celebrate by having parties, I did not. Or rather not yet. I met my gf there. She was Elena & I was Zorro, cut long story short, we have our own private Halloween party after the real party was over.

Back now, a visitor stop and ask me. Do you really want to go? I said yes without delay. Why he asked? My reply was simple

I been into bully small children when I was small, locking fellow female inside a classroom, I play truant a millions time, I join a gangster group in my school, I smash my discipline teacher car, I burn my headmaster office, I steal from supermarket, I steal from the rich – but never give to the poor. I extort other student for their lunch money, I been to riot, I been to police station, I broke into people house, I gang up a female senior student just to get her number & a date (the number yes but the date was unsuccessful), I locked teacher in the science lab, I kicked my teacher during my Pendidkan Jasmani class, I slap other student, I slap other student again, I steal people underwear and bra, I never did my homework, I force my college friend to finish my assignment, I buy my degree – I have tons of degree in my yard, I done all extreme extreme stuff

But I never had been to a silent Halloween.

About why Nokia Xpressmusic makes Halloween better, give me an invitation pass & a Nokia 5220 or 5320, I’ll tell you.

protoss & elims

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