Thursday, October 9, 2008

I had a dream yesterday

The dream was so clear and so real...

My wife went into bath room bringing the test-pregnancy stuff. After a while we found out the reading indicating....

She is pregnant~~!! @_@"
Not sure why I had the dream. Wish it may come true anyway. 天灵灵,地灵灵~~

Maybe dreaming too much already. 平时也爱发白日梦。。。 but this is just so special for me. It was so sweet even was just a simple dream.

Photo taken from carroal album

With Love,
elims Chuang


zhai lun said...

haha.. go and get a pregnancy kit to test it out. Maybe it's real! Good luck. :)

小恬 said...

Thanks for leaving comment in my blog. Hope you will have a baby soon too!! ^^ Have a lovely day~

BY 小恬

zhiyun said...

hahaha....hope u can really become father very soon!! is so fast fast get 1 la!!u nit to make a football team le...XD

"All The Best"

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

@zhailun, lol... feel so excited, but i just think is just a dream.

@小恬, thanks for visiting my blog too. Nice wishes.

@zhiyun, i can foresee my children sure very naughty, next time i should say: "papa very busy, go look for mama~~ fast fast go.." lol.. @_@"

Fatty Jean said...

work hard ! hope can hear good news from you !!
Dream come true !!

荣希™ said...

祝福你和你的太太 ^^

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

@Fatty Jean, 荣希™,

谢谢你们的祝福!愿能开花结果!! 哈哈~~

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