Monday, March 28, 2011

Worrying Malaysian Chinese Population

Today read an article showing some worried figures.

% of Malaysian Chinese in total population
Year Percent
1957 45.0+
1970 35.6
1980 32.1
1991 26.9
2000 24.5
2010 22.6 *
2035 18.6 **

Numbers of Chinese in Malaysia
Year Chinese (million) Total population (million)
1970 3.6 10.5
1980 4.4 13.7
1991 4.9 18.4
2000 5.7 23.3
2010 6.5 28.9 *
2035 7.7 41.1 **

* Projection by Department of Statistics.
** Projection in The Population of Malaysia (ISEAS)


We know that the productivity of Chinese is very low compared with other races.

"We want quality, not quantity." That is the mindset we have, and we seems proud of it.

When election comes, we start thinking for the imbalance...

When thinking of Malaysian future, we start worrying for ourself, our next generation.

We can already see the consequences of a certain race conquering a sector, especially the policy maker lineup.

Who can be truly fair to think for other colour skin that differ from themself? Even I admit myself not able to be 100% fair.

Who willing to give up their own privileged without any condition? Especially when you're known as the 'Prince of the Land'?

Do you still count on Malaysia? For your next generation also?

How many kids you want for your generation? 2? 3? 4? or more?

What you will do for a betterment of Malaysia? Could you please share your thought?

Photo taken from malaysiacity

Everything starts with yourself. I shall continue enhance my skill in varies areas, to ensure the survivability in whatsoever conditions that face in coming days.

Sincerely wish the world will get better, and more people could live happier. If not in reality, be in mentality.

Hope for the best!

With Love,
elims Chuang

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