Friday, March 25, 2011

Super Pororo Play Mat

We have been surveying this Pororo Mat for some time.

We love it at the first sight when discovered it was so soft and felt so comfortable & nice when stepping or lying on it.

But it seems too expensive for us as it cost RM 500/mat (Medium size).

We went Mama & Baby fair at Midvalley last Saturday and found the price was discounted at RM 399/mat.

Without any hesitation we bought it. Yeah yeah~ =)

You can see the build structure of the map surface is unique. (click the photo to enlarge)

It could actually absorb high impact. You can punch how hard but you won't feel any pain. That is why it's good for baby.

Moreover, it's easy to clean. No need to (dry) wash nor put under sun. haha~

You wont feel too cold like you walk on the floor, and you wont feel hot either when you sleeping on it.

Eventually this mat has become our family members' habitat... haha!

How good if i can become the salesman for this mat~ TT

With Love,
elims Chuang

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