Monday, March 21, 2011

Playing Scrabble (Sahibba in Malay)

Is actually a game we played when we were kid, more than 15 years ago. (wow, so old already me...sigh...)

A simple and nice game, not only we have to know lot vocabulary, the strategy & skills also required in order for you to score high mark!

Every person will get 8 alphabets, the 1st person that start the game will have 9 alphabets.

Since all family members, we take it as friendly match, no time limit.

That why we only managed to complete after played for 3 hours... zZZzzz

Very fun, just like it so much~

The score board, showing who pro and who noob. :p

Feeling relief after the game.

This game will make you 'T.L.' if people block your way, or when you become blank out of sudden...haha!

And most interestingly, you will find yourself so shallow, reading too less and start regretting for being hard-playing-enjoying-sleeping last time.. haha!

But we discover the mobile phone - dictionary's function are extremely useful in this game. The actual competition sure wont be allowed.

Anyway, is a good game that put us together instead of playing mahjong or poker! wakkakaka....

Oops~ I find myself got hungry during the game, must had consumed lot of my brain energies... haha!

Hopefully i am not getting fat & fat because of play too hard and too much scrabble... XD

You want to challenge?!

With Love,
elims Chuang 光宏

1 comment:

CH Voon said...

never play this games before. i think it is a good games for sure.

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