Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mask Party a.k.a 面具晚会

Dear friends & suukee,

KL & Selangor Hainanese Association is organising it's annual Professional & Business Networking Nite as follows:

Venue : Thean Hou Temple Main Hall 雪隆天后宫礼堂
Date: 14 April 2011 (Thursday) 6.30pm onwards
Organiser: KL & Selangor Hainan Youth - Professional & Entrepreneur Division 雪隆隆海南会馆青年团-大专与专业组

The theme of the year is "Mask Party - Reveal!(面具晚会-金蝉脱壳!)" A complimentary mask will be provided upon check-in at the registration counter.

We are targeting
400 professionals & entrepreneurs (open to non-Hainanese as well) to join this event, grasps your opportunity for this annual business networking session.

Meals will be served in international buffet style, with networking games & networking session along the event. Lucky draw with attractive prizes are awaits you too! Events to be conducted in English & Mandarin.

Ticket at
RM 100/person, please do not hesitate to contact me for more info and reservation.

Click here for : Official Facebook Page

Thanks and best regards,

Chuang Kuang Hong
Professional & Entrepreneur Team
Youth Division
The Selangor & KL Hainan Association



Q: What so special about this event?
A: The organiser is localise Chinese association - Hainan (地缘性-海南) that usually focuses on upholding culture activities. This unique & innovative program is actually a kind of breakthrough, providing an alternate platform in relevance of today's development & people needs. You're going to witness & experience something extraordinary! Be ready! ^^

Q: What is the purpose of this event?
A: Networking, gathering, and have fun!

Q: Is it open to all?
A: Yes.

Q: What is the 'Mask' in this event?
A: The previous Hainan Pro Night 2 years ago entitled "Change!". This year, the new theme - "Mask Party - Reveal!" is presenting the association of mask in our life, and have fun via activities and games.

Q: Why i need to attend?
A: The integration among 400 people comprise varies societies, communities, professionals, entrepreneurs, businessmen via interesting & interactive games make this event even more fruitful and meaningful!

Q: Does age matter?
A: This event aims to gather & connect the people!
Age doesn't matter.

Q: The programmes seems too young for me to take part?
A: "You just don't heal that easy unless you're young." (Sugar Ray Leonard).
We do know that young is about attitude and mindset. Think young, be young, you're going to enjoy throughout the event!

Q: What to wear?
A: Since this event holds on Thursday (14.4.2011), dress code of business attire, formal or smart casual are advisable.

Q: Need to bring partner?
A: There is no restriction to bring anyone you wish to.

Q: Don't wear mask can?
A: We do appreciate if you could follow our tentative programme as the theme is "Mask Party-Reveal". No worry as time for you to reveal yourself and mix around will be allocated.

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