Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Will this work? Killing Mosquito?

Kepong is already a well known spot in contributing to Malaysia dengue fever statistic.

With this can we really ensure the mosquito Aedes habitat is completely wiped out?

Wao, "big smoke gun"~~
All resident is urged to come out from their home to permit the authorize people to clear the mosquito by using chemical spray.

Wao... Can even see farer than 10 m.
Ops, got a hole for them to come in.... T_T


Or we just building their survivability even stronger, causing it harder to kill in future after immune to the current chemical being applied for them?

To stay secured, we need to ensure ourself is healthy enough. With our strong immune system, we can overcome all infections and diseases. Continuosly depending on the external chemical and medicine in long term will just eventually reduce our body's self-protective system.

This mindset is very significant.

With love,
elims Chuang

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