Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blueserver Sleep? Dead?

Many questions asked, yet no exact answers can be given....

What actually happening, and why a server that recorded about 5000 online players at one moment could be shut down all in the sudden date 2/8/08 (Saturday)?

Blueserver 3, replaced Blueserver 1 and Blueserver 2 that close after being hacked. Start its life at year 2000 (if not mistaken). Bring hopes and joy to everyone who has joined it.

The slogan with " Blueserver where Real Gamers meet", has become the history memoriable term.

Who know Blueserver 3 is just taking a "small nap", or just a "little longer sleep"?


What we can do now is just to pray, wait and look for alternative activities or server.

Please dun blame Megablue or any other parties before we actually know what is happening behind the scene.

At least, they have served us for years. By all mean we should appreciate what we have got from there along the process...

Enjoyment, Friends, Knowledge that make our life even meaningful and fruitful. We learn and we concern each other and everything that happen in Blueserver.

Many choose Blueserver become part of their life...


Lastly, thanks alot for Megablue (Founder) and few GMs, Admins, MODs, techies that i could recall as below: Kael, xxemorgurlxx, Pixel, sexbomb, petrotoxin, dacingfrog, -starforest-, grif, eidur, th3r4on, Ae-momo, etc. (to be added on after i remember back...exhausted now..)

Many friends especially for Clan SMLE members: klyu, abuthen, [sn]protoss, blu3hamm3r, sunching (5 shamans), holyfeed, phoon4ever, mingkai, bloodydrake, momosan, moonblade, etc etc etc. Thanks for supporting our clan although is a noob clan. =P

Thanks for everyone who being so kind to me in forum and server, that made my daily even better and happier.

(sorry if your name is not being mentioned above... pm me, i would consider...kidding de la...)


Flash back some memory hours...

Blueserver 3 Logo

Blueserver Forum

Now www.blueserver.org forum is already been replaced by Megablue's blog.

Perhaps, you wish to join Bluserver Friendster? (Not official)

With Love,


Anonymous said...

What actually happening, and why a server that recorded about 5000 online players at one moment could be shut down all in the sudden date 2/8/08 (Saturday)?

holy shit ? 5k users? i dont believe, it might be hacked by someone. normally the server would just have around 2k users, exclude the forumers.

ex-KotD XD

blu3hamm3r said...

Hiaz....really sad to hear that blueserver shut down.........It already become part of my life, feel like some thing very important lost,like soul.....Any way, i will wait n pray everyday..... Thanks Elims (my clan boss) promoted me as a shaman in clan even i am noob player....Really appreciate!!

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

@KOTD88, ya, who knows is true or not regards the number, but the most important this we can obviously knew is, we can start a game easily regardless day or night.

@Blu3hamm3r, we do appreciate you to become our beloved girl shaman in our clan, making us feel more fun in clan and games.. We all LOVE you so much, but sadly.. you are catched by somebody else.. T_T..

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