Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gathering for BBQ

Date: 16/8/08 (Saturday)
Venue: D'kiara Apartment
Occasion: Emergency Call
Purpose: Gathering BBQ and Gaming (after BBQ)
Participants: 20
Payment: Sponsored by xxxx, Chinyen.

Wei.... Lanci Lanyong..??!!

Previously I worked for Japanese as beheading executor.

Wao... unbelievable!!

Walaoyeh, can you imagine how delicious is this???!!!

Wao... Look so fresh!! pork??!!

Oh yeah, this seems very delicious wor!!

Tata.....This is the chef, who keep sucking all the BBQ smoke... For the people... lol.. (Ziping)

Wao.. Secret Receipe Cake. White Chocolate~ 2++kg!! cant finish..Very creamy, oily.. Not recommended..

See... cant finish until use for facial.. T_T...


After eating, we have some interesting topic discussion (18 Only).

Tekhwa sharing his own experiences and thoughts.. PRO!! ^_^

An innocent virgin teen asking lot of curios questions.... (Daniel)

Take a record, see who transform into fatter version next few months. Need to keep fit jor~~~


"Just now, i found a big cat, passing through i.."

Ok, get ready!! Dun afraid cat, it will be very fast.

Now you know where the meat for BBQ come from? @_@"

Perhaps the next gathering will be in Genting, 'where the gamblers meet.'

With Love,
elims Chuang


YuMie said...

dnt kill the cat~~~ xD
the cat was looking at the knife.. =.="

elims, Chuang Kuang Hong said...

Too late la dear... we are finished eaten you only say..

just can say byebye and pray for him. @_@"

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